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Highland residents will have to pick up increase in landfill cost

Highland residents will see an increase in their monthly trash bills starting in October.

On Monday, the City Council extended its contract for solid waste removal with Robert “Bob” Sanders Waste Systems Inc. another year. The city’s current contract with the Alton-based company will expire Sept. 30.

Kelly Korte, the city’s director of finance, said Sanders has agreed to extend its contract but has requested some rate increases, due to rising landfill costs incurred by the company.

“I feel as if the rate increases are warranted and have prepared a new pricing proposal for a slight increase to our customers to ensure that the city’s costs are covered,” Korte said.

The city will be passing on the additional costs with a rate hike.

Starting on Oct. 1, the city’s trash rates will increase to $21 (currently $20) per month for unlimited refuse collection, including bulky items, as well as all recyclable materials placed in recyclable containers. The fee also includes yard waste collection.

The city agreed to increase its monthly non-container collection fee to $34 from $32.

In other news:

▪ The City Council amended its redevelopment agreement with Tri Ford. Tri Ford is building a new $1.5 million showroom at 12610 Illinois Route 143.

The city, on June 24, 2011, entered into a redevelopment agreement with Tri Ford to encourage the dealership to replace the roof and upgrade the facade, showroom, and other improvements to the existing showroom, according to Highland Economic Development and Marketing Director Lisa Peck.

Under the new agreement, the city agrees:

-To provide financial assistance to Tri Ford for up to 10 years for a maximum of $144,400.

-To rebate Tri Ford the permit fees for this improvement. This amounts to approximately $6,629.

-To reimburse Tri Ford 75 percent of the percent city sales tax for a period up to 10 years or until the maximum funding amount is reached in combination with the other city provided funding assistance.