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Alhambra News for the week of Sept. 24

Receive a free flu shot by registering for Health Fair

Registration for the free flu shots, compliments of the Alhambra Township Board, has begun.

Flu shots will be given at the Health Fair on Nov. 6 at the Alhambra Township Park from 9 a.m. to noon. Shots will be given from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Township Center for workers who cannot make the morning time slot. You must live in Alhambra or Alhambra Township to qualify for the free shots.

Call Freddie Riepshoff at (618) 488-7603 to register for flu shots.

Textile Trailer at Grantfork Elementary

The trailer will be at the school from Sept. 25-Oct. 5.

Acceptable items

Clothing: Nothing wet, mildewed or on hangers in bin.

Shoes: Need to be paired, tied together or rubber banded. Not accepting: shoes with holes, winter insulated boots, house slippers, metal spikes, roller blades, ice skates, or spiked high heels more than 2 inches.

Accessories: Purses, handbags, backpacks, hats, belts, house hold linens (no carpets or rugs).

Toys: One-piece toys less than 12 inches. No puzzles, racetracks or board games. Can take building blocks or Legos, if bagged separately.

Books: No magazines, encyclopedias or hymnals.

This is a fundraiser for the benefit of both Alhambra and Grantfork schools.

Fire Department Open House

The Alhambra Fire Department will have an open house on Oct. 10 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Free fire truck rides for the children, free hot dogs and chili, coffee and hot chocolate. Sign up to win gift cards.

Special Occasions


Happy anniversary on Sept. 24, William and Melissa Glassmaker-Becker; Sept. 27, Jeremy and Chelsea Eilers;Sept. 28, Dave and Ronna Renken and Scott and Sherry McKinley; Sept. 29, Mike and Barbara Whitworth; Sept. 30, Colin and Devon Reckmann.


Happy birthday on Sept. 24, Ed Craft, Terry Hosto, Tina Koch, Chris Uhe, Syler Hogg, Averi Henschen and Reese Bolen; Sept. 25, Sabrina Linenfelser, Mike Whitworth and Stephanie Monroe; Sept. 26, Lila Reckman, LaVerne Bloemker, Janelle Reilson, Todd Eyman and Emily Gibbons; Sept. 27, Charlotte Schneider and Krystal Conrad; Sept. 28, Patty Butkovich, Kris Rutz, Megan Pfingsten, Chelsea Eilers , Madelyn Moore; Cooper Glassmaker Becker, Luke Glassmaker-Becker and Brenda Knackstedt; Sept. 29, Kayla Seest; Sept. 30, Kim Moore, Ciarra Huelsmann and Brandon Conger.

To submit items to the Alhambra News, email riepshoff@yahoo.com or call 488-7603 or (618) 910-9215.