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SuperValu is now ‘Schuette’s Market’

Founded during the Civil War in 1863, Schuette’s Market is retiring the SuperValu signs from its storefronts. All four stores — Highland, Troy, Carlyle and Breese — will be clearly identified solely as “Schuette’s Market” on the outside of the buildings for the first time.

“We wanted to celebrate the fact that we are a family-owned business that lives and works in these communities,” said Mike Schuette, store president. “We’re one of the oldest family-owned businesses in America and we are proud of our history. We look forward to serving our communities for another 152 years.”

Over the years, the stores have had a variety of names above the door, including Califo Markets, Piggly Wiggly and SuperValu, that has represented the different distributors the company had over the years.

So why the latest name change?

“We didn’t think it reflected the true character of our business,” Schuette said. “We’re not a big corporate entity. Although we have operated under these different names, we’ve always been a family-owned and -operated business. We’re very connected to these communities.

“Last year, for example, we supported over a hundred local churches, schools, charities and civic organizations. This is our home. It’s important to us.”

In 2010 the company began the transition by adding “Schuette” in front of the SuperValu sign.

“People came and asked us if we’d bought the company from SuperValu,” Schuette joked. “We said, ‘No, it’s always been our family business.’”

SuperValu will remain an important business partner, Schuette said.

Mike Schuette’s great-great-grandfather named his original store Schuette’s General Store.

“We wanted to honor that tradition,” Schuette said. “‘Schuette’s Market’ better represents the diversity of fresh, quality, local meat, produce, dairy and baked goods that we are able to offer today in our stores.”

About Schuette’s Market

For five generations, the Schuette family has been operating their grocery business. Today they operate four modern grocery stores in Illinois and the original general store, still located in St. Rose.

Peter Schuette, a German-born immigrant, founded the original general store in 1863 as a trading post where local farmers could barter their fresh produce for other goods and services. In the 1930s, Frank’s sons, Francis and Pete, took over the business and quickly expanded, opening new locations throughout the area. Today, Pete’s son, Mike Schuette is the fourth member of the Schuette family to run the family business.