Highland News Leader

Devotional: God takes interest in us

Our God has not withdrawn Himself form involvement in our world. He is not sitting somewhere off in space, twiddling His thumbs. He is displayed in the Bible as a very personal God, who desires and enjoys being involved with people. He takes an interest in us. He wants to “hear from us” about what goes on for us. He is hurt when we are hurt. But He also breathes a sigh of relief when joy flows into our lives.

The most clear evidence of God’s involvement with us was when Jesus set aside all the glory of God’s presence and spent three decades living in our world with us. That was God’s way of learning up close human problems and cares. He heard from people their anxieties; He saw the strife brought by sin; He even felt the terror of death itself. And having been separated completely from His Father in death, Jesus resumed His life with us to be able to keep us with Him into eternity.

Knowing Jesus is knowing God is with us, and His presence with us gives us comfort even in times of difficulty. May you be blessed with God’s personal care through Jesus Christ.

Leonard Laetsch, pastor

Hope Lutheran Church, Highland