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Alhambra News for the week of Nov. 5

Health Fair is Friday

Registration is on now for the flu shots, compliments of the Alhambra Township Board. Call Freddie Riepshoff at 488-7603 to register. You must be a resident of Alhambra or Alhambra Township. Flu shots will be given at the Township Park on Friday, Nov. 6 from 9 a.m. to noon and in the evening at the Township Center from 5 to 7 p.m.

Alhambra Primary

Last week, students went through a bus evacuation drill as part of Bus Safety Week.

This week, the Science Camp will be going on for those who signed up for it.

On Nov. 10, there will be a Veterans Day Assembly in the school gym from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. That evening, there will be a Domino’s fundraiser at Domino’s in Highland. The PTO will receive a percentage sales.

On Nov. 11, there is no school in recognition of Veterans Day.

PTO News

The Great American Fundraiser was a huge success. With the money made from this fundraiser, the school was able to purchase six new security cameras for greater visibility inside and out. Another set of Kindergarten reading books were purchased, which means the classes will no longer have to share one set of books. Technology pod to enhance Internet speed and new signs for the parking lot were also purchased.

Without the help of all the families that participate in the fundraisers, these items that benefit the students would not be possible in today’s economy.

Box Tops

Box Top results are in with the school receiving $956.80. A breakdown of the classes with the most box tops:

▪ Mrs. Grotefendt’s class, 423

▪ Mrs. Grigg, 1,052;

▪ Mrs. Kronk, 1,006;

▪ Mrs. Stearns, 575;

▪ Mrs. Duft, 594;

▪ Mrs. Snyder, 1,402;

▪ Mrs. Paul, 1,750;

▪ Mrs. Zeller 1, 141; and

▪ The community sent in 1,925.


American Legion members will be putting up the flags for Veterans Day.

Special Occasions


Happy anniversary on Nov. 5, Matt and Dondee Rex; Nov. 6, Brad and Teri Allen and Peter and Mary Babic; November 7, Brian and Becky Becker; Nov. 11, Mark and Kris Nagel.


Happy birthday on Nov. 5, Michael Sidwell, Lonnie Casper, Kathy Brink and Deb Reckmann; Nov. 6, Gene Lienemann, Debra Goestenkor, Jed Schlechte and Gary Boda; Nov. 7, Betty Steiner, John Mindrup and Fred Stumpf; Nov. 8, Denise Grandame; Nov. 9, Dave Frueh; Nov. 10, Sandra Abert; Nov. 11, Bud Warfield, Danny Whitworth and Madison Frank; Nov. 12, Lisa Uhe and Cooper Eyman.

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