Highland News Leader

Letter to the Editor: Fracking will change rural communities forever

Dear Editor,

We thank Mark Hodapp for his excellent article covering the proposed fracking ordinance before the Helvetia Township Trustees. Mark covered the story evenly and with great accuracy. That is much appreciated.

Unfortunately for those of us who proposed the ordinance to ban fracking in Helvetia Township, the trustees took no action.

As members of the Greater Highland Area Concerned Citizens, we are disappointed in this conclusion of our two year effort. We urge all citizens of Helvetia, Saline, St. Jacob, Marine townships, and others in Bond County, to learn about fracking. It’s not a good thing. Many, many acres of prime agricultural land have been leased to the heavy industries of oil and gas. If fracking wells are drilled, the quality of our rural communities will change forever. Farmland will never again produce crops.

Hopefully, a swift transition to renewable energies will render fossil fuels extinct. Let us get on with the green life.

Bill and Kay Ahaus