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Monuments restored at Anderson Cemetery

The Dec. 19 work crew, after setting Maj. James G. Anderson’s obelisk, from left, was Harvey Steinkoenig, Phil Coffee, Robert Kunz, Danny Gross and Jerry Gross.
The Dec. 19 work crew, after setting Maj. James G. Anderson’s obelisk, from left, was Harvey Steinkoenig, Phil Coffee, Robert Kunz, Danny Gross and Jerry Gross. Roland Harris

On Saturday, Dec. 19, we were able to reset Maj. James G. Anderson and his wife Hannah’s tall obelisk. We also repaired their son William’s broken obelisk.

This was a truly great day for Anderson Cemetery and three Anderson great-great-grandsons, Danny Gross, Jerry Gross and Harvey Steinkoenig, who were there to set the two obelisks on their bases and see Anderson Cemetery brought back to a place of honor.

The neighbor on the east of the cemetery, Robert Kunz and his bucket tractor came before 11 a.m. Also Danny, Jerry, Harvey, Phil Coffee came to work, and I, Roland, to observe.

Danny applied the epoxy to the stainless steel pin and the top of the base. Harvey applied the nylon strap and chain to the major’s obelisk, then to the bucket on Kunz’s tractor. Kunz slowly raised the bucket, and the obelisk began to move and was soon standing upright, just a few feet away from its base.

Kunz moved the tractor forward, slowly. Harvey and Danny, with help from Jerry and Phil, centered the obelisk, and it was slowly lowered onto the pin. With just a slight adjustment, the obelisk slid onto the pin and then down upon the base. Just a slight twist, and the obelisk slid into place. Maj. James G. Anderson’s tombstone was now complete.

William Anderson’s tombstone was a breeze, as Danny and Randy Weiss had reset the lower part of his obelisk, two weeks ago, and only the top 18 inches had to be reset. Danny had the epoxy applied again. Harvey applied the strap and chain again. Kunz and his tractor lifted the top of the obelisk and set it in place. Harvey and Danny gave it a slight twist, and it slid into place. Danny applied the epoxy to all of the joints of both of the tombstones, while Phil pressed the epoxy into the joints, and I leveled them.

The Andersons’ two tombstones were ready for inspection.

What a great sight, probably both tombstones had not been upright in 75 or 100 years.

The next workday is this Saturday, Dec. 26 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come to work at the Anderson Cemetery; its will be a good way to work off all of that Christmas eating. If it has rained more than  ¼ to  ½ inch between now and Saturday, call me at 654-5005 before you come to work.

Four additional repaired tombstones need to be put into concrete. Two hundred feet of the chain-link fence is new, while the remainder is used fence. The steel posts were donated by Dick Sanvi. Ladies and others will be painting the old chain-link fence. So bring your paint brushes, paint bucket or can, and old clothing, to paint the fence.

Now, back to earlier workdays.

John Fear of Fear’s Fence Co. Inc in Highland augured all of the post holes for all of the 30 steel fence posts on the east and south sides of the cemetery at no charge. Thanks, John. You sure made our job easier.

We also installed two taller gates at the southwest corner of the south fence, with the help of Danny Gross, Tim Korte, Bob Hellige, Randy Weiss, Phil. Coffee and myself.

On Nov. 21, Aaron Worthern, Danny Gross, Marvin Sackett, Bob Hellige and I were able to complete the chain-link fence on the east side of the cemetery.

Then came two rain-outs, on our next scheduled workdays.

Tim Korte, Russ Marti, Marvin and Maria Sackett, Dr. Bob Hellige, Andy Jankowski, Shirley Daiber, and I, on earlier workdays, had put up all of the south steel posts, except for six. Danny Gross, Bob Hellige and I, finished those posts on Friday, Dec. 4.

On Saturday, Dec. 5, Aaron D. Worthern of A.D.W. Construction, and Danny Gross, Tim Korte, Bob Hellige, with a little assistance from me, were able to complete the south chain-link fence, and Aaron had his big drill along and was able to get both Anderson bases and obelisks drilled to the depth of the new pins. Then, Danny and Aaron reset the William Anderson bottom part of his obelisk. To Aaron, Tim, Bob and Danny, plus all the other workers, our deepest gratitude for a job well done.

And a merry Christmas and happy New Year to all.

How to Make a Donation to Anderson Cemetery

Anderson Cemetery is no longer in a pasture. It is a free-standing,  ½ -acre, deeded cemetery. However, much work still needs to be done.

The major problem is money. Volunteers still have a gate, posts, cement and railings to put up on the north side and want to build a roadway in the future.

So, if you can make a Christmas donation this year, or pay dues or join the Anderson Cemetery Association, that would be appreciated. Donations, life memberships, perpetual memberships and 2015 and 2016 dues can be sent directly to Highland Area Community Foundation for Anderson Cemetery Association. Annual dues are $10 a year. A Family Membership is $25. A Sustaining Membership is $50 per year. Life Membership is $500, and Perpetual Membership is $1,000.

Organizers hope to establish a Perpetual Care Fund as soon as the cemetery’s restoration is complete