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Alhambra News for the week of Dec. 24

Salem Church Schedule

The schedule of events for Salem Church will be as follows:

On Dec. 24, Christmas Eve events will begin with the Children’s Program at 7 p.m. Christmas Eve worship with alter communion will be at 9 p.m., and a candlelight service will be held at 11 p.m., with pew communion.

Christmas Day Worship will be at 9 a.m., with altar communion.

Alhambra Primary

Student may submit a story they wrote themselves for the Young Authors Project. This needs to be turned in on or before Jan. 8, 2016.

The next PTO meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Alhambra Primary School.

All of bills for the Winter Wonderland event are in, and the final profit for the school came to $1,216.70. The PTO uses the money from all of the fundraisers to defray the cost of student field trips, skating, assembly programs, parties and some computer programs. This is made possible by all the volunteers and parents that help with the various fundraisers.

Hitz Home Videos

The Hitz Home has put a series of exercise videos on Facebook. The residents have a wonderful time exercising and get the full benefits of the program. Check Facebook and see them “rockin’ to the tunes.”

Help The Historical Committee

The local Historical Committee would like to ask the citizens of Alhambra and surrounding communities to please watch for items that could possibly have some historical significance to future generations.

Many times a letter, postcard, receipt orsale bill from a past business may help someone to remember the past. When cleaning out drawers, basement, attics and garages, please remember the historical society.

Contact Kenny Gehrig at 488- 2425 if you would like to donate anything. Nothing is too insignificant.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Residents may take their Christmas trees to the village shed at 421 Elm St. for disposal by the village.

Special Occasions


Happy Anniversary to all couples: Dec. 29, Tim and Kathy Peyla-Stille and Ryan and Valerie Driscoll and on Dec. 31, Bob and Becky Riepshoff and James and Celia Kirk.


Happy birthday to all: Dec. 24, Melissa Snider and Talia Rex; Dec. 25, Ron Hunsche, Tim Gehrig, Sandy Eaves and Cassidy Eyman; Dec. 26, Cindy Henschen and Jack Landolt; Dec. 27, Mackenzie Landmann, Marilyn Korsemeyer, Paige Basler and James Sumner; Dec. 28, Lorie Kaufman-Maguire and Nick Landolt; Dec.29, Carol Gibbons, Ruth Hamann, Ben Newman Jr., Mike Winet and Randy Koch; Dec. 30, Patti Snyder, Courtney Reckmann,, Faith Lackey and Bayla Fitterer; Dec. 31, Rachel Michelar, Bryce Knackstedt, Irene Soens, Eric Ross and Kody Ouart .

News, email riepshoff@yahoo.com or call 488-7603 or (618) 910-9215.