Highland News Leader

Donkey basketball game to be held at Highland High School

A donkey basketball game will be held at Highland High School on Wednesday, March 16.

HHS teams will be playing teams from Triad High School — juniors vs. juniors, seniors vs. seniors, and faculty vs. faculty — and will feature the world-famous Buckeye Donkey Ball donkeys. Winners will get the traveling trophy for the year.

Tip-off is 7 p.m., and games should take about two hours. In addition to the games, the HHS band will be playing, cheerleaders will be there, the chorus to sing the National Anthem, and the HHS dance team will perform.

Tickets are $6 in advance and are available at the HHS and Triad offices, or $8 at the door. The two schools will split the proceeds.

The event is a fundraiser. In Highland it’s for the HHS Principal’s Advisory Committee, which a group of students who raise funds to help purchase anything that students in the school may need.