Highland News Leader

Devotional: The ‘power of we’ is a force for good

The Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null, pastor of Highland Hope UMC, delivers this week’s message.

Amid campaign speeches and the noise of political mudslinging a ground swell of hope is emerging. Like many Americans today, I desire to close my ears to the rhetoric and the propaganda that portrays our democracy as little more than a canvas filled with graffiti expressing individual lust for power. As much as I am disturbed by what I am experiencing, I am also captivated by it; I am held captive by my desire to believe that something will emerge that will pull us toward each other.

Living in the community of Highland reminds me every day that there is a ground swell of hope emerging all around us. It may not be on the national stage, but it is a part of our American landscape.

In our town, when families are overwhelmed by the challenges of social-economic reality, our community steps up. I think about the amazing work of our Highland Area Community Foundation as it financially comes alongside community organizations that have their thumb on the pulse of our town. I am grateful for our Highland Area Christian Service Ministry, which offers not just a helping hand to our neighbors who are in need, but they offer guidance and support that can help empower people to overcome their current reality. In our town, our Highland Chamber of Commerce is serious about living into its mission of connecting business with community by providing opportunities for us to come together to network, laugh and learn with the future of our community as our common ground. And of course, I must mention our Highland Area Ministerial Association, where we cross denominational lines and join hands as Protestants and Catholics to be on mission for Christ as servants in our community.

All of these groups, and so many more, peopled with stories, provide for us a kaleidoscopic few of God’s hope for every little hamlet on planet earth; the “power of we.”

As we travel toward Easter Sunday, may we discover the “power of we” that is God’s little miracle being lived out throughout our community each and every day. Over the next four weeks, I invite you to take a few moments to reflect on the places in your lives where you have experienced the “power of we.” What made that moment great for you?

Finally, I invite you to infuse the “power of we” by offering to help a neighbor, co-worker or friend experience the “power of we.” I am convinced that when we choose to invest our lives, our time and our treasure in helping others to experience the “power of we,” God births miracles through us. Miracles are happening every day in our little town. I hope that you know that you are one of God’s unique unrepeatable miracles, living out your “we” reality right here in Highland.

May it be so!

Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null, pastor

Highland Hope UMC