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Program on dementia to be given in Highland

As more than one-third of all individuals over the age of 70 have some form of memory loss. It is estimated that nearly 15 million caregivers and healthcare professionals are involved in their daily care. And the lives of millions of friends and family members are impacted by the sufferings of their loved ones. Tens of millions are touched by the disease. If you are worried that someone you love may have the disease but aren’t sure, know that there are answers.

Join Dr. Sanjay K. Nigum, M.D., at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Highland on Saturday, May 21 at 9 a.m., where he will address the question, “What is Dementia?” With his 13 years experience in practicing geriatric psychiatry, Dr. Nigum will explain the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s diesase, define the different types of dementia, describe dementia care alternatives and answer your questions about the disease.