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Alhambra news for the week of June 8

Alissa Korsmeyer holds up a baby chick during a field trip to her grandfather’s farm.
Alissa Korsmeyer holds up a baby chick during a field trip to her grandfather’s farm.

Alhambra Primary students take field trip to Korsmeyer Farm

The Alhambra Primary students took a field trip to the Delmar and Marlene Korsmeyer farm on Friday morning, May 20. The farm has been in the family since 1867.

Approximately 137 students were divided into six groups consisting of students, teachers, and chaperons. They toured the six stations that were set up on the farm.

Kenneth Korsmeyer showed them the farm machinery, its purpose, how it is used, and demonstrated its role on the farm. His antique tractors were displayed to show how farming technology has evolved through the years.

Karen Straube explained the farming process with toy farm machinery of how the ground is worked, planted, harvested, and brought to grain bins for storage. Students viewed inside a grain bin and showed how corn is ground into feed for cattle and chickens.

Janice Korsmeyer was in the garden talking about some antique tools used to work a garden, how a garden is fertilized and worked today, how the seeds are planted, grown, and cared for. Vegetables were identified in the garden. Fun farm songs were sung.

Darrell Ostertag gave an interesting talk on raising sheep, shearing, and what products are all made from wool.

Kevin Schwarz, a neighbor, brought over sheep for the children to see and pet.

Marlene Korsmeyer talked about the different varieties of chickens, colored eggs (white, brown, green), and a duck. The highlight was everybody getting to pet the baby chicks, as well as throwing wheat to the chickens.

Delmar Korsmeyer talked about raising bees and the process of making honey. Then they proceeded to the barn to pet a baby calf, see the black Angus cattle, and fed grain and hay. He showed the Surry and the high-wheel wagon, which was bought in 1917 by Henry Korsmeyer, Delmar’s grandfather.

Everyone enjoyed their fun-filled day at the farm.

Alhambra Homecoming raffle winners announced

Sponsored by A-G Communications, the Alhambra Homecoming announces the following winners of this year’s raffle: $200 cash, Grant Grapperhaus; $100 cash, John J. Hurst and Chris Stein; $50 cash, Aaron Null, Leon Uhe, Jared Schwarz, Karen Huette and Matt Brandmeyer; $50 gift card, Tim Ruschaupt and Vernon Mindrup; $25 cash, Beth Atwood, Jordan Payne, Becky Lairson, Boe Yeager, Betty Jean Salters, Danielle Gorenz and Pat Moultrie; $25 gift card, Steve Anderson, Ian Comrie and Jed Schlechte; $25 gift certificate, Travis Esmon and Kevin Rutz; $20 gift certificate, John Hurst, Deb Reckmann, Shirley Landolt, Joann McKnight, Clark Gabel Randy Snyder and Shirley Landolt; $20 gift card, Marty Landmann; 18 holes golf for two, Scott Hediger; hair cut, Kelly Tracy; large pizza, Shania Cruthis and Shirley Landolt; $15 gift certificate, Sherri Frey; four Grizzlies tickets, Kristie Butcher; $10 gift certificate, A.J. Abert; gift basket, Tenley Henhaus; oil change, Bill Klostermann.

Village buys new truck

The Village Board recently approved purchasing a new F-250 pick-up truck for the use of the village supervisor. The new truck has four-wheel drive and is outfitted with a snowplow. The board approved a trailer to be used for supplies for the numerous water projects the village maintenance workers need to work on. The enclosed trailer can be hooked to the back of the truck and transported to wherever they need to work.

Grant money has come in to buy more of the signs and poles for the village. The new stop signs and yield signs are being made to fully reflect when headlights hit them. These sign will be mandatory for the entire state in a few years.

Special Occasions


Happy anniversary to the following couples on June 8, Randy and Tina Koch, Reagan and Amber Wendler; June 9, Earl and Betty Steiner; Todd and Jen Brooke; June 10, Jim and Dagmar Annabelle; June 11, Bryan and Karolyn Cooperider; June 12, Jason and Brooke Hooks and June 14, Bill and Donita Prott.


Happy birthday to all! June 8, Lauren Seminism, Joan Frank and Victoria Allen; June 9, Kyle Reiman and Greg Riepshoff; June 11, Connie Duft and John Hurst and Millie Dodson; June 12, Christopher Horton and Chelsey Klenke; June 13, Nona Nance, Jackson Wright; June 14, Kevin Gibbons, Carolyn Hackenthal and Dennie Mortensen and on June 15, Shane Schmidt,Lucas Reding, Dennis Ramsey and Andy Mize.

Village Consumer Confidence Report

The current Consumer Confidence Report that provides detailed information from 2015 regarding water quality for consumers using Alhambra water is now available electronically at http://ccr.alhambraillinois.com. If you would like a paper copy, call the village hall at 618-488-3505 or stop by and a copy will be made available to you.

First Baptist Church Bible School

First Baptist Church of Alhambra will hold its annual Bible school for ages 2 through sixth grade Sunday, June 12 through Thursday, June 16 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. This year’s theme is “COW a Bunga Farm — Growin’ with Our Faithful God.” For further information, call 488-3025, Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

Dog Vaccinations

Dog vaccinations will be given at the Alhambra Fire Department on Saturday, June 11 from noon to 1 p.m. Pet owners are asked to have their pets on leashes.

Special Occasions


Happy anniversary to these happy couples. June 2, Michael and JoBeth Winet, Karl and Rita Smith; June 5, Clarence and Gladys Herzog; June 6, Bud and Marlene Payne; June 7, Bruce and Dawn Schmidt; June 8, Randy and Tina Koch, Reagan and Amber Wendler; June 9, Earl and Betty Steiner and Todd and Jen Brooke.


Happy birthdays everyone. June 2, Joe Dauderman, Blake Ernst and Sandy Ahlmeyer; June 3, Randy Horner; June 4, Ember Brosin; June 5, Gladys Herzog, Camille Rakers, Wade Bruhn and Claire Robinson; June 6, Megan Gause and Kent Knackstedt; June 7, Danielle Porter; June 8, Lauren Seminism, Joan Frank and Victoria Allen; June 9, Kyle Reiman and Greg Riepshoff.

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