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Alhambra news for the week of June 15

HCE to meet

The Alhambra-Leef Home Extension Unit will meet on June 20 at 7 p.m. at the Alhambra Township Center. The lesson for the evening will be “Eating Well As You Age.” This lesson will be given by Candy Huckelberry and Eleanor Gregory. Hostesses for the evening will be Gail Ohren and Gloria Hartman. A silent auction will take place after the meeting. Members are asked to bring items to auction off. Proceeds of the auction will go to veterans’ organizations that will be chosen by members. Visitors are welcome.

Alhambra Care Center

Residents at Alhambra Care have found you can have fun doing almost anything with the right people. They began the month with a Super Hero party, then outside to do some balloon fishing and fun squirting everyone with the water filled balloon fish. Games of Hungry Hungry Hippos took place inside and kept everyone laughing and moving.

Next on the activity list was honoring Johnny Weissmuller’s birthday with a Tarzan jungle party, compete with alligator cup cakes that they made themselves.

Hitz Home News

Hitz Home Residents will enjoy the country gospel group, New Jerusalem Singers on Tuesday, July 26 at 3 p.m.

Village Ordinances

The village of Alhambra has a zoning ordinance in effect. Any building or remodeling projects requires you to contact the Zoning Officer Ralph Buzick at 488- 2701 for permits or information.


Mosquitoes need five days to hatch in still water. Help eliminate breeding sites by contacting the village, 488-3505 for larvicide or more information.

Special Occasions


Happy anniversary to the following couples: June 17, Chad and Richelle Ernst and Ron and Connie Duft; June 19, Bill and Carol Reckman and Joe and Lisa Reinhardt; June 20, Wayne and Tonia Pickerill; June 22, Rick and Cheryl Noll and Glenn and Gladys Riepshoff.


Happy birthday to everyone: June 15, Shane Schmidt, Dennis Ramsey and Andy MizeJune 16, Jennan Bolk; June 17, Wayne Stille, Lorman Reckmann, Mike Driscoll, Chad Burton, Kristin Geschwend , Garrett Riepshoff and Robert Ellis; June 18, Shannon Hogg and Austin Reckmann; June 19, Dave Reichmann; June 20, Kim Shimkus and Richelle Braundmeier; June 21, Joann Demkey and Hayden Payne; June 22, Dave Hooks, Lee Schmidt, Jessica Rinderer and Kristen Payne; June 23, Joyclynn Robbs and Sasha Hosto; June 25, Brandi Starko and Gladys Wahl; June 26, Carol Amiri, Dede Weder, Sheldon Quade and Marcus Price.

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