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Devotional: God has bestowed many gifts on our nation

As we approach the 240th anniversary of the birth of our great nation, it is fitting to take a few moments to remember with gratitude the many blessings God has bestowed on us and on our country. I am sure, kind readers, that many things will immediately come to your minds; these are just a few for which I am especially grateful:

Our nation is so beautiful! Majestic mountains, gorgeous beaches, expansive plains, rich valleys, shaded woods, red rock canyons and deserts — all are breathtaking in their own right. We are free to enjoy all of this, whether traveling by plane, train, auto, bicycle or on foot, we can experience first-hand the natural beauty that God’s creative hand has bestowed.

We have countless opportunities — for education, for employment, to experience the arts, to enjoy sporting events and so much more! It is up to individuals to take advantage of these opportunities as they are presented of course, but for anyone with an open and curious mind and a bit of determination, the possibilities truly are endless.

We are free to practice our faith — a most precious gift! Founded in large part due to religious persecution, our nation and its people still hold the right to practice our faith as we see fit in the highest regard. As we know too well, this is not the case in many parts of the world!

Truly, we have so much to be immensely grateful for, but far from being Pollyannish, a grateful heart should lead us to acknowledge that there are still many opportunities for improvement in our nation and inspire us to do what we can to ensure peace, justice, safety and liberty for all. May God give us this grace, and may His blessings continue to overflow — from sea to shining sea!

Jeannie Korte, manager of spiritual care

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital, Highland