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Nancy Gramlich given Lifetime Achievement Award from Highland Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Gramlich (left) accepts the prestigious Homer Poss Lifetime Achievement Award from Chamber of Commerce Treasurer Howard Held (right).
Nancy Gramlich (left) accepts the prestigious Homer Poss Lifetime Achievement Award from Chamber of Commerce Treasurer Howard Held (right). amcdonald@bnd.com

Nancy Gramlich has been serving the Highland community for more than a quarter century.

“I would find it very difficult to find anyone who has lived in Highland for more than just a couple of years who has not had their life effected by (her),” said Highland Chamber of Commerce treasurer Howard Held, who presented Gramlich with the Home Poss Lifetime Achievement Award. “(She) is a lifetime resident of Highland, living their entire life in this grand community.”

Gramlich attended the St. Paul schools, graduating from the grade school, as well as the high school. She was very athletic, playing volleyball, basketball and softball.

Gramlich, Korte Recreation Center program and facilities manager, got her start with the city Parks and Recreation Department as a water safety aide at the Highland Community Pool during her high school years.

“After graduating and starting her family, she took on a part-time position in 1993 and was promoted to full time office manager in 1996,” Held said. “She has become a true ambassador for Highland.”

In her nearly 25 years of service to Highland, here are a few of her accomplishments:

▪ Lifeguard and swim lesson Instructor;

▪ Established the annual Lions Club Youth Girls Basketball Tournament;

▪ Started Movies in the Park;

▪ Scheduled thousands of baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer games;

▪ Led the Summer Playground program;

▪ Organized hundreds of raffles and fundraisers, and coordinated thousands of volunteers;

▪ Established the “Young at Heart” activities;

▪ Volunteers for any and all programs of the Parks and Rec, whether she is organizing it or just helping out;

▪ Has made thousands of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and has popped more popcorn than anyone else in the history of Highland;

▪ Started the Father/Son adventure days to compliment the Daddy/Daughter dances;

▪ Is credited with creating the department’s tag line, “The Fun Theory”;

▪ Organizes, directs, and coordinates, nearly single handedly, the city’s fireworks display;

“As you can tell from the list, Nancy is a great asset to the Highland Community,” Held said. “She does so many little things that make a huge difference.”

Gramlich has helped countless people and takes great pride when she can turn a frown upside down.

“Nancy is selfless, caring, generous, hard-working, passionate, a leader, and a friend,” Held said.

Gramlich, the daughter of Dottie and Bob Jacober, is extremely devoted to her family, Held said.

“Even holding her full-time job, she always got the children to school, practices, and games, which is quite an accomplishment,” Held said.

She married her husband, Dan, in 1986. She is the proud mother of four girls, Cara, Cali, Cami and Codi.

“They would have had a fifth child, but ran out of girl names that began with a C,” Held said. “The daughters are proudly emulating their mother by selecting careers of service to others — two of them teachers, two are nurses.”

About the Award

The highly coveted but not always awarded Homer Poss Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant positive impact on the Highland community through his or her past achievements over a long period of time and who has enhanced the quality of life for Highland area residents. This award is not necessarily presented each year, only when the selection committee feels there is a need to honor a special Highland contributor.