Highland: Sports

Date for HHS bass fishing tryouts set for Aug. 6

Tryouts for the 2016-17 Highland High School bass fishing team will be held Saturday, Aug. 6 at 9 a.m. at the HHS teachers’ parking lot.

Tryouts will consist of a knot tying and casting evaluation and possible mini-intramural tournaments. For the tryout, bring your gear, and be ready to tie both a palomar and trilene knot. For more information on the knots, go to netknots.com. Also, be ready to pitch, roll cast, and overhand cast.

First cuts to the team will be made following the Aug. 6 tryout.

For more detailed information, contact HHS coach Jon Rinderer on his home phone at (618) 664-9597 or his cell phone at (618) 541-2177 or via email at jrinderer@highlandcusd5.org.

Only four HHS bass fishing team members will be selected to fish the IHSA Sectional Tournament. Those members who demonstrate the greatest fishing knowledge and ability will be chosen for these four positions. There will also be two alternates chosen for this team.

Costs involved for those who make the team will be $30-$40 for insurance and $40-$50 for a shirt.

The fishing concepts that will be taught to those who try out will include the following:

▪ Terminal tackle, the things you need, the basics;

▪ Selecting a rod and reel;

▪ Types (techniques) of bass fishing;

▪ Lure types and their applications;

▪ Knot tying/types of knots;

▪ Casting techniques;

▪ Seasonal patterns ;

▪ Cover/preferred habitat; and

▪ Hooking, landing, netting, bumping, culling, and caring for fish.

The IHSA Sectional Tournament will be held at the end of April or beginning of May, and the IHSA State Tournament will be held in early to mid-May. IHSA bass fishing information is available at ihsa.org.