O'Fallon Progress

Candidate profile: John F. Rosenbaum

Name: John F. Rosenbaum

Age: 65

Family: His wife, Isobel and two sons, Bryan and Kurt Rosenbaum.

Town: O’Fallon

Office Seeking: O’Fallon School District 90 Board of Education

Occupation: Retired airline pilot

Previous Offices: None

Why I am running: Another Board member who I have discussed school issues with encouraged me to run.

What is the most important issues facing O’Fallon School District 90? How would you approach it? I do not think the union asks the teachers for their opinion. It tells them what to think. I would encourage teachers to work with the parents about it..

Should a school district’s teacher demographics mirror that of its student demographics? Why or why not? No, there is no evidence it really matters. If it did, how do you explain School District 189’s abysmal record?

How much emphasis should your school district put on STEM education? It should be the No. 1 priority. That’s not to say English, History, etc aren’t important, just need more focus on STEM.

In St. Clair County, there will be votes on two sales tax referendums. Do you support either or both? Why or why not? No. Recall the guarantees to pass Riverboat Gambling? It (taxes from gambling) was only to be used for education? Look how that worked out.

Why should people vote for me? I intend to get more of the virtual classroom (vc) started in District 90. Struggling students and gifted are equally left behind. VC is a huge leap to help them all.

How should the school district approach current budgetary challenges? Demand school district consolidation and put more budgetary decisions on the ballot for the parents and taxpayers to decide.