O'Fallon Progress

Girls swimming in Shiloh pond was cause for scandal in 1919

For our Shiloh readers, here’s a tale from late summer 1919.

It seems there was an incident that took place at a pond on the Rable farm, about a mile and a half south of Shiloh, involving young ladies and bathing suits. “Oh Girls! Wasn’t It Shocking?” screamed the front page headline in the O’Fallon Progress. The incident was supposed to have been kept secret, but secrets have a way of getting out. The Progress did withhold names to protect the embarrassed, but news is news.

Here’s the story from, presumably, a reliable source. Apparently, the pond on the Rable farm was a popular place for girls to take a cool swim on hot evenings. “Two weeks ago, Sunday, a party composed of well-known young ladies of Shiloh, went to their private ‘bathing beach’ to enjoy one of their swims. They had a splendid time and the weather being rather warm remained in the water longer than usual.” (To be continued next week.)

75 years ago April 2, 1942

Here’s the news the boys of our community have been anxiously awaiting. The Progress, as in previous years, cooperating with the St. Louis Cardinals, has just received a supply of free tickets for the Knot Hole Gang, which are now ready for distribution to boys between 10 and 16 years old. There will be no Knot Hole passes for girls this season. Girls between 10 and 16 will not need tickets. Boys will be required to use the Knot Hole gate on Spring Avenue, while girls who desire to enter free will enter the gate on Grand Avenue, near Dodier Street.

50 years ago March 30, 1967

A blaze in the ceiling of the Sports Bowl, bowling lanes and restaurant at 502 West State, was stopped Friday morning by its owner and ex-fire chief Carvil Clark. Clark kept a cool head during the hot blaze by calling the O’Fallon Fire Department and then going to work with a fire extinguisher. Part of the ceiling and roof structure were damaged.