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O’Fallon Progress Letters to the Editor: March 31, 2017

Thurman tries to rewrite history

Mary Thurman took the wrong path down memory lane and tried to rewrite history.

Fact check: I did have a rich boyfriend who filed for bankruptcy over 30 years ago. I did refuse to testify against him and opted to take my case to the jury after the feds carried through with their threat of an indictment. I could have taken the easy way out and took a plea, but instead, I went to trial and was acquitted. I could have left town, but instead, I stuck around and was re-elected two more times during and after this ordeal. That’s why I love O’Fallon — the residents are my support structure and my family. They have stood by me through thick and thin.

As I recall, my mayoral record, Mary, I hardly left O’Fallon in “shambles.” Property taxes were all but eliminated, unnecessary fees disappeared, and at the same time, services were improved. What debt we had was for infrastructure improvements. My economic development vision is still in place today. But Mary, are you correct when you say I will take us back to when information was freely available, the public was encouraged to participate and have a voice, and all residents were treated with respect because back then, we never forgot that we were public servants.

Kristi Vetri, O’Fallon

Write-In Candidate for Treasurer

Treasurer was removed from ballot because he didn’t follow the law

I want to address comments by O’Fallon Treasurer David Hursey at the recent candidate forum regarding how and why he was removed from the ballot.

I was stunned with many of the statements by him and personally offended. His failure to research facts before spreading his lies undermines his credibility and is not a good trait to bring to the treasurer’s office.

Had Mr. Hursey done a little fact checking, he would have found that this is not the first time I have objected to a candidate’s petition for office. He is not the first candidate that I have had removed for not following the law. I also challenged an alderman who later resigned for failing to reside in the ward he represented.

He also stated that both the county and state election boards said to use the 2015 voter counts and many other municipalities used these figures. This is not true. The State Election Code is clear on this point, and it has not been changed in the past two years as Mr. Hursey stated in his comments.

And that “obscure” case Mr. Hursey said the judge relied upon was an Illinois Supreme Court Case with very specific language on this very issue.

Mr. Hursey, if you want to conduct a smear campaign because you have an ax to grind, do your homework first. If you want to point a finger of blame as to why you were removed from the ballot, you need to point it at yourself.

Frank S. Morski, O’Fallon

Vote no on sales tax hikes

Proponents for the 1 cent increase say that with the passing of this, we, the tax payers, will see relief in our property tax bills. This is their bait and switch line. Are we stupid? So many pipe dream statements of lowering our property taxes because this new money is going to do for them what we have been doing all this time. Gary Graham voted for a 5 percent property tax increase in December 2016.

Now, I have become aware of construction companies such as Holland and Poettker fighting with drooling lips to get the new construction jobs which will come to them when the $22 million starts rolling in. Beware construction man; the schools are selfish with their coins. These drywall men have started planning their vacations with the passing of this sales tax. They want business to boom. Schools want their monies to boom. Retirees want their monies to boom. As it stands, the citizens of St. Clair County will be paying for the teacher’s retirement until the day the citizen dies.

Imagine the teachers’ money meetings. Most in attendance have six-figure incomes. Darcy Benway has more than $200,000 annual income. Some of the older lady teachers are counting years to retirement. Let them discuss new structures, bigger parking lots or maybe a state of the art baseball field to match the football field

Schools have turned into rabid dogs. You can’t shoot the dog. But, we do not have to feed it!

Nikki Edwards, O’Fallon

Editor’s Note: The Progress had said last week that no all letters to the editor received between March 23 and March 30 about things on the April 4 ballot would be published online on March 31. These are those letters. No further letters regarding political matters will be published until after Tuesday’s voting is over.