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1942: Mayor gives kudos to kids for not soaping windows on Halloween

Brian Keller is the O’Fallon Historical Society president.
Brian Keller is the O’Fallon Historical Society president. rkirsch@bnd.com

Youthful Halloween mayhem was not unknown in O’Fallon in years past. But in 1942, it was conspicuously absent.

Here’s how the Progress reported it back then: “That young America, especially the young folks in O’Fallon, are rapidly acquiring a gratifying attitude toward their neighbors was evident during the Halloween season over the weekend. Although the police were on the alert on instructions by Mayor Smith, not a single property damage was reported. In fact, the youngsters obeyed so well that the customary soaping of windows was very conspicuous by its absence this year. The behavior on the part of the younger element is commendable and indicates that they are taking war regulations seriously, and this is as it should be. Mayor Smith had issued an edict that the destruction of property in war time would come under sabotage. Parents evidently impressed this on their children which again indicates that elders can do considerable in checking unnecessary destruction and defacing of property.”

75 years ago Nov. 5, 1942

Registration for gasoline rationing for all automobile owners in O’Fallon township will be held at the Township High School gym next Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Every person in O’Fallon township who requires gasoline must register in order to receive their quota after the rationing becomes effective Nov. 22d. Those applying must have the serial numbers of all their tires, including the spare. Those in possession of more than five passenger car tires or those who dispose of their excess in any other way than to turn them in may be denied ration cards.

50 years ago Nov. 2, 1967

A car owned by Mario Balletti, assistant football coach at O’Fallon Township High School, was sprayed with aluminum paint last Thursday night as it was parked in front of his home at 211 East Jefferson.