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O’Fallon residents contributed money, metal, blood to WWII fight

Brian Keller is the O’Fallon Historical Society president.
Brian Keller is the O’Fallon Historical Society president. rkirsch@bnd.com

For the first anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the Progress took an inventory of what O’Fallon had contributed to the war effort by December 1942.

Here are items that appeared on that WWII list:

▪ First and most importantly, over 200 from O’Fallon were serving in the armed forces.

▪ The O’Fallon Civilian Defense Council was formed.

▪ There were 121 pints of blood contributed to the Red Cross.

▪ O’Fallon residents purchased $292,975.05 in war bonds and stamps.

▪ Scrap drives were held for rubber, metal (two) and waste paper.

▪ Sugar and gas rationing registration took place.

▪ Residents sewed and knitted for the Red Cross.

▪ The Service Men’s Mothers’ Club was formed, creating a club room for visiting soldiers and sailors.

▪ First Aid classes were held.

▪ Auxiliary police and firemen organizations were formed.

▪ Red Cross and USO drives were held.

▪ And holiday greetings were mailed to each serviceman by the Rotary Club.

75 years ago Dec. 3, 1942

Although the coffee rationing program went into effect Monday, it had little effect on O’Fallon’s patriotic citizens, who apparently were devoid of the panicky concern as grocers reported no unusual rush on the commodity. Stamp No. 27 in the sugar ration book was being used for the purchase of the first pound of coffee under the cup-a-day rationing program. Each adult’s ration book allows the purchaser one pound for the next five weeks. Ration books of children under 15 years of age cannot be used for coffee purchases.

50 years ago Nov. 30, 1967

William F. Beedle, 76, of Palm Springs, Calif., a former O’Fallon resident, passed away Nov. 18 at Palm Springs Hospital. He was the son of the late Walter and Cynthia Beedle. He is survived by his wife, Mary, a son, actor William Holden, and a brother, Ralph Beedle of Kansas City. Preceding him in death were two sons, Richard and Robert Beedle, and a sister, Mrs. Gertrude Snodgrass.