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U-Haul project pulled, Shiloh residents relieved

Watch the Wingate neighborhood in Shiloh develop over the years

A look at how the Villages at Wingate neighborhood in Shiloh, IL developed over the years using historical Google Maps images.
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A look at how the Villages at Wingate neighborhood in Shiloh, IL developed over the years using historical Google Maps images.

U-Haul developers have pulled its project proposal for the Shiloh Villages at Wingate neighborhood that brought nearly 60 residents in opposition out to a public hearing last month.

“That’s wonderful news,” Marjory Rolling, a resident of Wingate, said when she learned the developer had pulled its request.

Rolling, along with six other residents, attended Monday’s meeting to submit a petition of opposition to the project.

The development was proposed by Michael White, marketing president for U-Haul’s northeast Missouri division, who presented, answered questions and listened to concerns from residents during the Nov. 13 meeting.

U-Haul and Amerco Real Estate’s rezoning request was to change the 8-acre project site, at 200 N. Green Mount Road, for the proposed U-Haul facility from planned business to light industrial. The project was expected to have a 45,500-square-foot footprint.

The special use permit requested was for 700 interior climate controlled storage units, 99 exterior storage units, and 49 outdoor RV parking lanes with charging stations for the vehicle generators.

The application was in the process of review under the Shiloh Planning Commission, which by a 3-1 vote on Nov. 13 had tabled taking any action until the commission’s December meeting.

That was supposed to happen Monday night, but the applicant informed the village mid-day Monday that the project was off the table.

“All we know is they pulled their project, since they are unable to get an extension of the property sales contract,” said Shiloh Village Clerk Brenda Kern.

Many residents cited concerns for lighting, sound, possible crime and nuisance traffic going through their subdivision.

Over 59 Villages at Wingate Shiloh residents filled the Senior Center Monday for a what ended up being a three hour public hearing.

Residents said they invested in development’s newly constructed homes with a local school and senior center nearby with the hopes of future retail shopping and professional office space off Green Mount Road.

The properties at the entrance to the neighborhood are zoned for business and retail.

After hearing the news of the withdrawn project, Wingate residents were relieved.

“There is still strong opposition to U-Haul,” Rolling said. “The planning commission requested before that we go door-to-door to get signatures. We did, and I just want the neighbors efforts to be recognized that, basically, around 87 percent of neighbors signed.”

Their petition had signatures of 115 Wingate homeowners. The subdivision has 130 occupied homes. There are six other homes that have been built but are unoccupied in the neighborhood.

The petition did not include signatures from the residents at the senior living center of Wingate Manor or the parents of children attending Wingate School, according to Linda Italiano, who also attended Monday’s meeting.

“We would’ve gotten many more signatures if we had surveyed the parents of the students attending the school or the senior center,” Italiano said.

However, just because the project was pulled, doesn’t mean the developer can’t come back in the future with the same proposal for review. Kern, the village clerk, said that because the project was never denied by any Shiloh board, only withdrawn, the developer can come back at any time.