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O’Fallon Dist. 90 teacher, staffer honored with monthly award

O’Fallon School District 90 Board of Education honored it’s November Teacher and Staff of the Month Awards at its Nov. 21 Board of Education meeting.

Teacher Carrie Bohnert, Marie Schaefer Elementary interventionist, was the honored teacher and Millie Erb, a support staff instructional aid at Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary, was the recognized staff member. The October award sponsor was the Cecil Management Group.

Carrie Bohnert

Bohnert is one of those teachers you come across once in a great while who is cherished by students, staff, and parents, Carrie Hruby, O’Fallon SD superintendent, said.

“Students love her because she is kind, loving, fun, and cares about them. Carrie gets to know each of her students as a whole person and is able to see exactly what each child brings to the school community,” Hruby said.

Seeking and utilizing a child’s unique strengths to help them overcome their reading struggles and develop a positive self-concept is one of Bohnert’s strengths, according to Hruby.

Teacher of Month Carrie Hruby with Carrie Bohnert Nov 2017
From left, O’Fallon School District 90 Superintendent Carrie Hruby presented Marie Schaefer Elementary Teacher Carrie Bohnert with a certificate honoring her as the November Teacher of the Month. Provided by O’Fallon SD 90 Courtesy photo

“Her passion for helping others and for being the steward to the future generations is apparent in the many ways she gives back to our school and the district especially when she serves as a Positive Behavior Incentive Supports,” Hruby said.

Bohnert is a member of the School Improvement Team, coordinated after-school tutoring, established a Boys Running Club and volunteers to help at all three school registration events. She also is an O’Fallon SD 90 board advisory member and volunteers for the following committees: calendar, union executive board member, assessment and indicator compliance committees.

Schaefer Principal Tracy Duggins said, “not only is Carrie the true essence of a caring high quality teacher, but she is also a building and district leader.”

Millie Erb

Nineteen-year veteran instructional aide at Estelle Kampmeyer, Erb is a great resource for fellow staff members with her inventive ideas and suggestion to help improve the school’s environment for all, Hruby said.

“When you have the opportunity to observe Millie at work, you notice immediately that she is truly vested in making sure students and staff have the best day ever and she does whatever she can to make this be the case,” Hruby said.

Hruby describes Erb as “one you can always count on.”

People can witness Erb’s handiwork while perusing the wall displays and pictures of past events around the school, Hruby said.

Staffer of Month Millie Erb John Wagnon Mark Dismukes dist 90 mtg Nov 2017
From left, O’Fallon School District 90 Board of Education President John Wagnon, Estelle Kampmeyer instructional aid Millie Erb and E.K. Principal Mark Dismukes during the November BOE meeting where Erb was recognized as the November Staff Member of the Month. Provided by O’Fallon SD 90 Courtesy photo

“(They) are often a reflection of the creative thinking and hard work Millie brings to E.K.,” Hruby noted.

She has been the voice of the Music in the Morning program, which people can listen to at 8:45 a.m. in the mornings at the school.

According to Hruby, students and staff, alike, react if a different voice is heard during this morning routine.

E.K. Principal Mark Dismukes said, “Millie is one of the most kindhearted people I have ever been around, and she never expects anything else in return from anyone that she helps out. If you ask her what she has done to help out EK School and she is willing to be honest, you better have a lot of time to listen.”