O'Fallon Progress

Roberts, Bernreuter this week’s 1918 focus

The O’Fallon High School spotlight on the Class of 1918 swivels over to a Carbonite.

“Nellie May Roberts was born at Carbon, Ill., Dec. 11, 1900. Although quiet she occasionally surprises you with her witty sayings and is very good at reading human nature. She takes her stand with the plump maidens of high school. She says she loves to hear the school bell ring but is never more thrilled with its musical tones than when it rings for the school’s dismissal at dinner time, which we suppose accounts for the above mentioned plumpness.”

And then the light switches over to Edna Bernreuter.

“Edna was born at Willardsville, Ill., Dec. 19, 1898. Her romantic experiences have been many. Edna’s daily occupation for the past five years has been to stroll up town, buy some chocolates and get a little fresh air to carry her through an afternoon of hard (?) study. She is very fond of reading thrilling romances, and then relating them to any poor victim who she happens to single out to tell them to. At almost any hour of the day you can see her sitting off in a corner with some companion and with a rapt expression upon her face, telling them the latest love tale, while it is still fresh in her mind. We will not be surprised if Edna some day sails for sunny France, for her greatest desire is to be a Red Cross nurse.”

Carbon, named after a local coal mine, was in west O’Fallon. Willardsville (aka Willard’s or Willard Station) was next to the Willard stove foundry in east O’Fallon, off of Betty Lane.


75 years ago, April 25, 1940. A deal was consummated in which Mrs. Josephine Asbury sold the Asbury Insurance and Real Esate agency with offices at 108 W. State St. to M. (Mose) R. Eckert. The new owner will take charge May 5 and will be at the same location. One of the oldest established in the community, the Asbury Agency was started in 1905 by the late James W. Asbury. Later a son, Earl E. Asbury became associated with the founder and in 1917, before the death of his father, Earl took over the agency, conducting it until his death two years ago. Since then, Josephine Asbury, his widow, has been in charge.

50 years ago, April 29, 1965. O’Fallon Girl Scouts will conduct a paper drive on Saturday, May 15. Residents are asked to have papers and magazines tied securely and on the curb by 9 a.m.