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Public encouraged to participate in O'Fallon town hall on Wednesday

O’Fallon Mayor Herb Roach.
O’Fallon Mayor Herb Roach.

What a beautiful weekend! I hope that everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the weather. During this time of year, beautiful, cool weekends are few and far in between, you must take advantage of them while they last!

We will be holding a town hall meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fire Department Headquarters (1215 Taylor Road). The purpose of the town hall meeting is to provide updates on city business and answer questions from the community. All are invited to attend and participate. The meeting will be aired live on the city’s Facebook page. Residents are encouraged to ask questions on the live Facebook feed, or prior to the event on the Facebook event page or at surveymonkey.com.

If, by the time you read this column, the town hall has already passed, you can replay it on our Facebook page.

In addition to questions from the community, other topics that will be covered at the town hall include current and future infrastructure projects, private development projects, and information about upcoming elections.

I want to invite anyone who may be thinking about running for the O’Fallon City Council to attend this meeting. We are going to go over information that may be important to those interested in representing the citizens of O’Fallon, including requirements of the position, elections, and the structure of the City Council. We will have a number of openings during the next year, and the City Council needs good candidates that are interested in the future of the community.

If you are/were not able to attend the meeting, I invite you to come to City Hall to talk to me about any of the items covered.

On a different note, I want to touch upon last week’s 4th of July celebration and the use of fireworks. A majority of fireworks are prohibited in the city of O’Fallon. The O’Fallon Public Safety Department responded to 142 requests for service and two fires related to fireworks over an eight-day period (July 1-8) this year. That was slightly over last year’s 138 calls for service over the same eight-day period.

Our officers use their best discretion when responding to calls for fireworks. Compliance is the goal and warnings are preferred, but if necessary, our officers will issue citations.

As residents of O’Fallon, you should always be able to reach out to your elected officials and ask questions about what is happening in O’Fallon. Having open communications is important to me and something I care very deeply about. Thank you for reading, and please remember, my door is always open.