O'Fallon Progress

In 1943, teen’s fractured arm was front page news in the O’Fallon Progress

During the summer of 1943, 18-year-old Roger Plab of Shiloh Valley played for a baseball team in Mascoutah. During one of their games, he fell and sprained, he thought, his right arm. Somewhat painful, but in two weeks he was back playing first base. He also continued working on his father’s farm as well bowling in his spare time. But seven weeks after the fall, his arm began to really hurt. So much so that he went to St. Elizabeth’s in Belleville to have it checked out. To everyone’s surprise, an X-ray showed he’d been bowling and playing baseball with an arm badly fractured at the elbow. The result was a cast, no more sports for a while and a front page story in the O’Fallon Progress.

75 years ago, Sep. 9, 1943.

Members of O’Fallon’s Boy Scout Troop, under the leadership of Scoutmaster William G. Willard, are “busy as beavers” in the establishment of a camp of their own at the far end of the beautiful lake on Mr. Willard’s residence grounds. Work is already under way for a convenient landing at the lake with rustic steps to the club grounds. These are being constructed from logs cut from the surrounding territory. Other contemplated improvements are the construction of a row boat, swimming facilities and the erection of commodious cabins with sleeping accommodations.

50 years ago, Sept. 12, 1968.

O’Fallon’s (OTHS) Panthers will launch a big double dip in football Friday night when Coach Bob Scates enters varsity play with the beginning of the third year of football here in the first game on the new lighted football field. Madison, which narrowly defeated O’Fallon (14-12) last year, is the first enemy to come to the Panther lair under lights. Previously, night games here were played in Community Park under baseball lighting. (O’Fallon defeated the Madison Trojans, 27-0, in front of a crowd of 2,000 fans.)

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