O'Fallon Progress

This busy intersection needs a stoplight

It’s about safety, safety, safety.

O’Fallon needs a stoplight at Old Vincennes Trail, Scott-Troy Road and Borchers Lane. It is “The Light That Has to Happen.”

Old Vincennes Trail is the second major road exiting east O’Fallon. Route 50 is the other major east exit. Hundreds of people exit O’Fallon daily from Old Vincennes Trail onto Scott-Troy Road (a road under St. Clair County jurisdiction).

Under the leadership of Superintendent Gary Ahle, the O’Fallon Township Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution for a stoplight Sept. 5 and sent it to Mark Kern, St. Clair County Board chairman. There is no reply to date from the county.

The O’Fallon Township Board of Trustees passed its first resolution Jan. 25, 2011, and sent to it to Mark Kern. There was no reply from the county.

Under the leadership of Mayor Herb Roach, the O’Fallon City Council unanimously passed a resolution Oct 1, 2018, for a stoplight. That will be sent to Mark Kern, St. Clair County Board Chairman. O’Fallon is expecting due consideration and reply.

Under the leadership of then Mayor Gary L. Graham, the O’Fallon City Council passed the same resolution for “full support for traffic signals at the intersection of Scott-Troy Road and Old Vincennes Trail” Sept. 8, 2015. No written reply from the county.

Over 700 signed and digital signatures, and that number is growing daily, are gathered and will be presented to Richard Vernier, chairman of St. Clair County Transportation Committee. Mr. Kern will also get copies of signed petitions and 700 people are requesting due consideration of the St. Clair County Board.

City of O’Fallon and O’Fallon Township have both stressed SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY to St. Clair County multiple times by passing resolutions on their part of jurisdiction of Old Vincennes Trail and Borchers Lane. O’Fallon will continue to listen to their constituents and all people until a stoplight is installed.


Sandy Hildebrandt, Representative of Stoplight Campaign, O’Fallon