O'Fallon Progress

Thank you to O’Fallon city officials and township trustees

The Stoplight Campaign for a stoplight at the intersection of Scott-Troy Road, Old Vincennes Trail and Borchers Lane was initiated in August 2018 with the signing of petitions from the residents who border those roads. This has been the third attempt at getting a stoplight at this intersection. The number of citizens who have signed petitions has continued to grow for a safe and controlled intersection.

We have gotten continued support from our city of O’Fallon Mayor, Herb Roach, and council members, plus O’Fallon Township Supervisor Gary Ahle and township trustees. They have supported this cause by issuing letters of resolution to the St. Clair County Board. Not only do we appreciate their time and energy to this cause but thank them for passing these resolutions that will lead to making this intersection a safe crossing for all the citizens who use it.

The ultimate decision for this stoplight is in the hands of St. Clair County to approve. As the area that surrounds this intersection is being developed with more businesses and housing, we ask that this intersection be included in future plans and made safer for all who use it.

If you are interested in signing a petition, you may go online at facebook.com/StoplightCampaign or call 618-632-5438.

Millie Erb, Stoplight Campaign Representative