O'Fallon Progress

When the city jail wasn’t so secure

Prior to 1977, the city jail in O’Fallon was in the northeast part of the old City Hall at Washington and Lincoln.
It was generally a secure place to house prisoners but not always, as John Glancner of St. Louis proved in 1928.
Glancner was in town the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 6, when a resident on the east end complained that he was “disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.” Police Chief John Tiley arrested him and locked him up in the jail for the night.
It was then that he executed a perfect escape. He was able to loosen the screws on the iron support for the bars of the jail window and push them out by about a foot. He squeezed his body through the opening and dropped to the ground outside.
He then pushed the bars back into place. At that point, Glancner disappeared into the night with no one suspecting a thing. By the time Tiley opened the cell in the morning to let the prisoner out, he was long gone.
The city reinforced the window after that.

75 years ago, Nov. 4, 1943. The O’Fallon Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartette Singing in America, Inc., has a quartette entered in a contest which is now being conducted over Radio Station KMOX. They will be on the air Saturday night from 10 to 10:15 p.m. The foursome consists of John Zielinski, lead; Norman Berry Stites, first tenor; Kenneth Strathmann, baritone and Julius C. Runkwitz, bass. Be sure to listen in and the boys will appreciate receiving your vote.

50 years ago, Nov. 7, 1968. Right turns on the red light at Highway 50 at Lincoln are no longer permitted, it was reported, after the State Highway Department removed the city’s sign indicating they could be made. Chief of Police James Tiley said the state removed the city’s sign and that one motorist was arrested making the turn on the red light.