O'Fallon Progress

Remembering Armistice Day

When the O’Fallon Progress came out on Nov. 11, 1943, the front page prominently featured an editorial by Publisher Marcel Kuehn which read in part:

“As we pause on Armistice Day this year it should be with reverence deeper than ever, linked with fervent prayer and meditation. There will be new heroes to remember – Pearl Harbor, Bataan, Corregidor, Wake Island, Guadalcanal, North Africa, Sicily, Rabaul.

“And before the ink of this edition of the Progress has set dry there may be as many more places all over the world hallowed by those who could say as A.E. Housman in the Epitaph of the Fallen … ‘Here lie we dead because we did not choose to shame the land from which we sprung.’

“They, with five of O’Fallon’s patriotic young men, have given their all – and it was so much indeed! Who knows what great things they might have accomplished, what great good might have come to the world if they had not paid the supreme sacrifice and been permitted to live, what things they might have created, discovered, invented, taught!

“But they gave their all to the cause so others may live and enjoy peace and happiness as a free peoples all over the world.”

75 years ago, Nov. 11, 1943. James Carson Jr., S2/c, in acknowledging a $10 check from the St. Ellen miners from their scrap fund, in part writes: “Received your most welcome gift of $10 and can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am. It sure does a fellow good to know all you folks at home are pulling for us boys. We are sure you are doing more than your part and we fellows out here are doing our darndest to end the war and come home to all you fine people. Like it fine out here and you can tell those Dads who have boys in the service not to worry about us, because we American sailors, soldiers and marines can well take care of ourselves. Again thanking, I am James Carson.”