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Top priority: O’Fallon City Council addressing infrastructure issues

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Infrastructure has become a top priority in O’Fallon, and the city council approved and advanced more improvement projects recently, including water and sewer projects that total more than $1.25 million.

“Our infrastructure has some age on it and really needed to be addressed,” Mayor Herb Roach said. “Many of the streets in our older parts of town had not been addressed for some time. Under our citizens survey and the priorities of our City Council, we are putting forth an effort to address these needs.”

A study last year of the streets, waterlines and sewer lines helped the city prioritize what needs to be taken care of first, he said.

“Many of these lines are 60+ years old and we want to be proactive on their maintenance vs. reacting to breaks and other problems,” Roach said.

Haier Plumbing and Heating Inc. was awarded the contract for the Southview Gardens Water Main Replacement Project at a cost of $676,034. The project will replace 7,700 feet of existing 6-inch water mains with 6-inch C900 restrained joint PVC pipe in the subdivision, which is south of U.S. Highway 50 and east of South Lincoln Street.

One crossing of Lincoln Avenue is proposed and will be installed with a jack and bore with 16” steel casing pipe. This is funded through the 2019 Water Budget.

The Southview Sewer Lining Phase 1 project was awarded to Visu-Sewer of Missouri for $316,800. Funds from the Sewer FY19 Budget will be used.

The Highway 50 Mine Subsidence Sewer Rehabilitation Project contract was awarded to L.W. Contractors Inc. for $51,250.95. Repairs to infrastructure in the subsidence area have been on hold until the Illinois Department of Natural Resources was satisfied that the subsidence was complete, and they have now indicated that repairs can proceed. This is earmarked in the Sewer 2019 Budget.

PSB, Howard Place and Smiley Drainage Storm Sewer Interceptor (Phase 2 and 3) and related improvements was approved for DMS Contracting Inc. at a cost of $208,113.55.

Those aren’t the only projects in the works.

“We will also be upgrading O’Fallon’s waste water treatment plant in order to handle the current and future growth of the community,” Roach said.

“In addition to upgrading our sewer plant, we are trying to address new needs that will keep our sewer plant in compliance with EPA requirements and installing equipment that will reduce over $200,000 in annual operating costs,” Roach said.

“The third item we are doing with this work is planning for future growth with the running of the new sewer line down Reider Road. This will open approximately 1,500 acres for new development. This should in turn help take tax pressure off our home owners and produce more jobs,” Roach said.

One of the infrastructure projects that started last month and is expected to be completed in June, weather permitting, is a water and sewer main rehabilitation project along State Street from the roundabout at Obernuefemann to Douglas Avenue.

The mayor said next year’s budget will heavily invest in the public infrastructure too. While the proposed budget is in the works, the city would like nearly $23.5 million allocated towards the streets, sidewalks, public utilities and stormwater control.

“We will be continuing our annual pavement management program, which addresses O’Fallon’s streets based on a schedule of diagnostic priority,” he said.

To view the long list of projects planned for next year and beyond in the Capital Improvements Plan, which is scheduled for five years, go to: https://www.ofallon.org/administration/pages/capital-improvements-plan


In other resolutions, the council approved the Wallace Woods subdivision. Mike Wallace of Definitive Home and Design Inc. requested a five-lot minor subdivision along Lawn Avenue, which is 3.28-acre parcel zoned single family residence dwelling district.

All the lots exceed the required 8,000 square feet requirement of the SR-2 zone district. Lot 1 is proposed at 34,637 square feet, Lot 2, Lot 3 and Lot 4 all proposed at 19,463 square feet, and Lot 5 proposed at 33,544 square feet. The subdivision will also have two common ground lots totaling 14,944 square feet which includes the detention area for the subdivision.

Additionally, plans have been submitted to address the widening of Lawn Avenue and will be adding a sidewalk along the frontage of the property as well, which will result in the dedication of 5 feet of right-of-way to the city. The applicant proposes to subdivide the lots for the construction of a new single-family residence.

Insight Professional Park was approved. Mark Halloran and Steve Macaluso of Storage Center of O’Fallon requested that a minor subdivision for the property located behind Green Mount Road Harley Davidson, currently zoned for a Planned Community Business District, be allowed for the construction for a new office park, including six buildings and 54,000 square feet of office on 5.07 acres.

The minor subdivision also includes all the necessary easements for the public utilities to construct the site. The developers can then either sell the lot or lease the lots, but the parking lots and other common improvements will remain in common ownership of the lot owner’s association. The association will have covenants and restrictions regarding development standards of building design and common maintenance of the parking lot and landscaping.

The council authorized $300,000 worth of motor fuel tax funds for intersection improvements at North Green Mount Road and Central Park Drive.

An Illinois Department of Transportation local public agency agreement for federal participation was OK’d for Simmons Road construction between Milburn School and Porter roads.


After a second reading March 18, the council will consider rezoning 8520 East U.S. Highway 50 for a Sunbelt Rentals development. Previously, the property was rezoned for a 41,000 square foot mini-storage facility, which was approved in 2008 but never constructed.

Mark Kabureck of Millenium Construction requested a planned use for 3.14 acres currently zoned planned general business district. The proposed development includes a 8,995-square building, with 1,100 square feet of display/sales area and 5,000 square feet of warehouse/repair area.

Kabureck proposes to construct a parking area in the front and a large equipment storage area and display from the front of the building back. Additionally, they are requesting a portion of the site be allowed to remain gravel for heavier equipment, and a chain-link fence around the entire display area. An area in the rear will have three 500-gallon tanks for diesel, gasoline and oil for the machinery.

The proposed planned use advanced to the council with a unanimous approval from the Community Development Committee, but after an amendment stating the storage yard will need a decorative fence along the front and black vinyl-coated chain link fence along the side and rear of the property.

The staff recommended that a storage lot must be constructed of a permanent dust-free material.

In an email to city staff, the MidAmerica Airport indicated additional FAA approvals will be needed prior to construction commencing.

Upcoming events include a city council candidates debate Thursday, March 14, at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

The mayor will have evening hours Wednesday, March 20, from 5-7 p.m. at city hall.