O'Fallon Progress

Latest phase of Presidential Streets work in O’Fallon wrapping up soon

This year’s targeted area of a multi-year program to improve drainage, roadways and other older infrastructure in what’s known as “Presidential Streets” in downtown O’Fallon is nearing completion. Phase Four of the Presidential Streets rehabilitation project is expected to be complete Nov. 22, weather permitting. LW Contractors has done the work.

“The concrete work should be completed by the end of this week and then the repaving of the streets with asphalt can begin,” said Jeff Taylor, director of Public Works.

Phase 4, which began Aug. 26, installed new sanitary sewers, storm sewer, curbing, and asphalt pavement along Washington and Adams Street from Lincoln to Penn Street as well as Vine and Penn Street from State to Adams Street.

The cost of Phase 4 was approximately $1.2 million, bringing the total project cost to $4 million.

Presidential Streets work began in phases in 2016 to rebuild the streets and ditching to establish positive drainage to the rehabilitated storm water infrastructure.

The area was originally designed in the early 20th century with open ditches for remediation of storm water. Because of naturally occurring sediment and residents filling in these ditches for years, this caused drainage issues.

Roadway and drainage improvements to Washington and Adams streets, from Penn to Smiley, along with Orange and Hilgard streets, from State to Adams, were among the streets fixed in the plan.

In that earlier phase, the city installed storm sewer pipe and inlets to allow the flow of storm water, regraded a ditch along both sides of the existing roadways, and reconstructed the roadway with a concrete ribbon curb and new asphalt surface. In addition, the sanitary sewer main was replaced.

In the Capital Improvement Plan 2021-2025, Phase 5 of the remediation storm sewer drainage work is included and expected as part of next year’s projects. Plans are to improve drainage, install a storm sewer and reconstruct the roadways affected. The expected cost is $1.25 million for 2021.

Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the West Presidential Streets infrastructure work is also part of the CIP for 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

This current area has old clay sanitary sewers and asbestos concrete watermains that must be replaced. This portion of the city also experiences standing water and localized flooding when it rains.

In the city’s priorities, which were listed earlier this fall, streets, sewers and water projects are among the ongoing targeted areas.

Mayor Herb Roach said the city is putting together a comprehensive ranking/rating of the streets to help maintain and improve them.

“This should all be completed by mid-year with a plan for future work,” he said.

A study of the sewer system, old sewer lines and new lines needed for growth and future development should be complete by mid-year, with the plan for moving forward, the mayor said.

“The city has been looking at their complete water system and determining where old lines need to be replaced and how we can lay out the future growth and functionality of our system,” Roach said. “This is another plan that we will have ready by midyear to show the moves to be made going forward.”

For more information, people can see the Capital Improvement Plan on the city’s website: https://www.ofallon.org/sites/ofallonil/files/uploads/cip_2020_2025_final_reduced.pdf