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Bringing your health full circle at Chiro Med Health & Wellness Centers

April Aleman, O’Fallon Chiro Med assistant
April Aleman, O’Fallon Chiro Med assistant

Labor day isn’t just a celebratory day of honor for those working hard slinging hammers, handcuffs and hoses—it’s also for those working hard helping to improve people from the inside-out like chiropractors and weight loss coaches.

At Chiro Med, of O’Fallon and Belleville, founder Dr. Benjamin Laux, started with a dream, brought it to fruition and couldn’t be happier doing what he does best—improving quality of life and health for thousands since his practice began in the metro-east over a decade ago.

“I don’t like plastering my face everywhere, I’m just not comfortable with that kind of stuff, I let the rest of my team take the credit, but I do want people to know me and we don’t have any shortage in client base, you’d be surprised what word of mouth does,” Laux said. “We have about 1,500 clients come through our doors in a month and about 24,000 in a year—believe me I stay busy—but I love it!”

There’s many reasons why people flock to Chiro Med, but most often it’s for back, neck, shoulder, or knee pain or to join the weight-loss health plan.

“However what keeps them coming back is their lives improve as a result of the quality of care they receive time and time again,” Laux said. “Plus, we all love our clients here, they’re like family and we make sure they feel like it so they can rest easy and relax while they’re in our offices.”

One of the most rewarding things Laux said keeps him grounded and happy with his growing two-practices is the passion he has for natural healing, rather than just treating symptoms, prescribing unnecessary medicine, or referring patients to specialists for avoidable surgeries.

“Our goal is to help you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health and healing through natural care,” Laux said. “Our chiropractors at Chiro-Med are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We strive to ensure our patients enjoy their visits with us. Also, we work hard to not only correct one’s health problems, but to educate and enlighten them so that they do not encounter similar problems in the future.”

With an ear-to-ear smile on his face and eyes welling up, Laux tells stories from over the years of his time as a chiropractor, and how its impact on his life has brought clarity, satisfaction and a full heart.

(Chiro Med) sponsors, volunteers and helps coordinate the Couch to 5K every year and despite all the effort, time and funding that goes into it I, we still go to events, I’m not like that guy that doesn’t work, I lead by example, so I work my tail off,” Laux explained

Laux reminisced of one year when he was stretching out a runner before the race as a complimentary service to all who wanted it and the woman began talking of how amazing the event could bring hundreds of all ages together from the sedentary lifestyle of ‘the couch’ to here on this day, taking a chance on themselves for the benefit of community awareness, personal health and wellness and overall fun with family, friends and neighbors.

“She said to me, ‘you know this Chiro Med team is always at so many community events,’” Laux recalls. “So, I say yeah they are trying to give back to the community in the form of education. So she turns to me, not knowing who I am and says ‘if half the businesses in this community did half of what Chiro Med does could you imagine the utopia?’ I laughed and introduced myself because it was nearing close to start time and she needed to get to the start line because she was about to run her first 5K ever, so I helped her up and shook her hand saying nice to meet you. She honestly didn’t believe me, so one of my team members confirmed for her and we had a good laugh.”

All in all, taking on the world of chiropractic is a rewarding profession in a myriad of ways, according to Laux.

According to Cindy Olson, the Belleville Chiro Med weight-loss director who helped Laux spearhead his ideas of incorporating yet another aspect of wellness to the clinic services to help all clients, as well to enforce the practice’s mission statement, the Biggest Loser contest, which started at Chiro Med last January, was Dr. Laux’s “brain child.”

“There are so many aspects about my job, which I love that it’s difficult to narrow (them all) down!” Olson said. “But I’ll try first with saying when a female client tells me she now wears a tank top, or shorts or a dress for the first time in 20 years or one of my male clients tells me he can now play guitar again because he’s lost enough fat off his fingers to do so—it’s all tangible proof of their progress.

“When I show clients his or her ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos after they’ve been on the diet for a while...many tears of joy are shed on my shoulder. The hugs, high five’s and happy dances I witness every week are amazing,” Olson noted. “Not too mention when clients tell me their spouses can’t keep his or her hands off them because they look so good...I’m reminded each week how much I love my job when clients are texting me the sizes of new clothes they just bought and are actually excited to get on the scale and have hope for the first time in many years.”

Mary Anne Bour is thrilled she joined last January, not only because she lost to-date 92 pounds, but also because she feels better and healthier and can chase around her two grandsons.

“By June 6 I had lost 13 percent of my bodyweight or 70 pounds making me the first Chiro Med Biggest Loser winner of a free weeklong trip for two to Maui at the end of September. My husband Ken and I are so excited!” Bour exclaimed. “I thought for once I found the program that truly tells the truth and the weight really does melt off of you.”

The program is a medically approved program that has been in use for about 20 years all over the world focusing on bringing the body into keytosis, giving the pancreas a break and supporting healthier kidneys, while still allowing people to eat what they like and have the freedom to choose their own recipes and foods for dinners.

“It’s unbelievable, a life changer and a life giver really and to have that much weight not holding you back and limiting you feels empowering,” Bour said.

Without a doubt, Olson said there are struggles with her work, like most jobs, but this one is rooted more in “the heartbreak I feel when a client stops the diet before reaching goal weight and sometimes it’s because the client is struggling to comply with the diet, but often it’s due to life circumstances such as family needs or a loss of a job.”

Many moons ago, Olson was was a teacher. And although she loved teaching, what sets that apart from weight loss and health coaching, Olson said, is that years ago she lost 100 pounds on her own sort of diet.

“A few years ago, I realized that helping others get healthy was my new passion, so I am very thankful for a job which allows me to do so. My clients inspire me every single day. If I ever have a day on which I feel down, I look at the board with the before and after photos and I cannot help but feel joy,” Olson said.

One more recent client of Olson’s, Bryan and Shirley Mohr, of Smithton, said they don’t plan on quitting any time soon because Olson’s program fits right in and doesn’t require a whole lot of sacrifice or temptations for cheating.

“My husband, Bryan, and are were healthy but we knew we could lose some weight and already seven weeks later he’s lost 32 pounds and I’ve lost 20 pounds and five inches off waist and a 1/2 inch off my calves,” Mohr said. “Not too long ago I hit the 200 mark so I’m shooting for some more weight loss but not a full 100 pounds, I’m excited to be able to soon run a 5K.

“The first couple of nights after we noticed significant weight-loss, I noticed my husband’s snoring had virtually stopped,” Mohr recalled. “At first I had to nudge him to make sure he was still breathing, which he was, but it was an added bonus—I was able to say goodbye to earplugs and nights on the couch.”

Overall, Mohr describes the couple’s transformation as coming from within, beginning with the support and love from one another to feel good about our goals.

“It’s from the inside of us, too, not just how we look and to see Bryan being the man he wants to be, he has more confidence and we are able to bounce feelings off one another too, so that helps out for the times when we only lose one pound a week because we’ve gained muscle mass, but then the following week we may lose five or six pounds,” Mohr said. “Either way I love it, and it’s a no brainer. We love the food we pick up once a week—we call it our goody bag and we look forward to it too.”


Dr. Benjamin Laux

Founded Chiro Med and has been Clinic Director of Chiro-Med of Belleville for 11 plus years. He is a National Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Mo. Groups that he is actively involved with include Rotary International, Optimist Club and Knights of Columbus. Laux is also a professional handball player. He is married and has two teenagers.

Dr. Chad B. Weber

He has been the Clinic Director of Chiro-Med of O’Fallon office for the last two years. He is a 2007 graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Mo., and is a National Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in the state of Illinois. He was in private practice for four years before joining the Chiro-Med team. He is also a member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, an organization that reaches out to the community with the intention of promoting health and wellness. He is also involved in ‘Get Up and Go,’ which is a local program that seeks to make St. Clair County one of the healthiest counties in the United States. His goal is to help improve the quality of life for as many people in his community as possible. In his free time he enjoys working out, watching and playing sports and hiking with his dogs. He also supports and donates his time to local dog rescue and adoption groups.

Dr. Jamie Knorr

Graduating Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2013, she has been practicing in the community since that time. She is involved with the Belleville Running Club, an organization with the purpose to promote and encourage running as a sport and as a means of healthful exercise in our community. Her goal is to restore muscle and joint function so patients can perform up to their highest potential and improve their quality of life. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, and working out.

Susan Barsaloux

As a team member for close to 25 years at Chiro Med and office manager, Susan Barsaloux noted her passions for spending time with her family, the Belleville Running Club, Director and Coordinator of the Chiro Med Winter Luau 5K & Main Street 5K, as well as her time on the Get Up & Go Biathlon board.

“As a runner I know firsthand the benefits of chiropractic, I could not have completed my 5K's or half marathons without the help of chiropractic,” Barsaloux said. “I love my job and have remained with the team because I believe in it—natural healing is how I live my life.”

The next Chiro Med seminar to learn more about the weight-loss program is slated for 7 p.m., Wed., Sept. 30 at the Belleville office.

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For more information visit chiromedltd.com or call the O’Fallon office—located at 1480 N. Green Mount Rd., Ste. 300—at 622-2222 or the Belleville office—located at 3200 W. Main St.—at 235-3200.