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O’Fallon Health Fair to weigh big on community scale

Debbie Arell-Martinez, Director of O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce
Debbie Arell-Martinez, Director of O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce

Have you gotten your flu shot, or checked your cholesterol levels recently before the impeding winter months, full of sick bugs and holiday dishes, get closer and closer?

Well, the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce is helping the City of O’Fallon and Fairview Heights with its annual Health Fair from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23, at the Regency Conference Center located at 400 Regency Park Drive in O’Fallon.

“It’s a great time, so please come and visit us and send your employees or recommend it to friends, family and coworkers too,” Debbie Arell-Martinez, director of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce, encouraged. “And if you haven’t gotten your flu shot, now’s your chance.”

The cost of flu shots through St. Elizabeth’s is a mere $15 for those attending the health fair, where as the finger stick to check cholesterol and glucose levels are free of charge.

Memorial Hospital also will offer lab services for participants, such as individual tests like lipid, vitamin D, lipid, PSA and CBC, but they are making full workups for men and women available too, according to Arell-Martinez.

With $5,000 worth of attendance prizes, more than 70 vendors will be available for participants to meet and learn more about healthy lifestyles, opportunities, products and services. Activities include scavenger hunts, mini-massages, demonstrations with freebies too.

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Lab Services:

▪ Flu Shots—$15

▪ Finger stick cholesterol—free (fasting preferred)

▪ Finger stick glucose—free (fasting preferred)

Memorial Hospital Lab Services:

▪ Lipid—$20

▪ Glucose—$10

▪ PSA—$10

▪ CBC—$12

▪ Vitamin D—$35

▪ Full work up for men—$87

▪ Full work up for women—$77