O'Fallon: Sports

Renovation at OTHS sports field in full swing

Those traveling along Route 50 past O'Fallon Twp. High School over the past week might wonder if they have missed something.

Panther Stadium now appears as if it was hit by a sudden twister or micro-burst with huge piles of twisted metal dotting the football field and the asphalt track chewed beyond recognition.

Mother Nature has not done the damage, however, as the renovation of the athletic facility has begun.

In action taken by the OTHS school board in recent weeks, the go-ahead has initiated a flurry of activity that when completed will completely revamp the football and tennis facilities at the local high school. Installation of a new multi-use surface on the field will allow 12-month access to multiple sports teams and local organizations.

In the midst of this construction, the OTHS summer sports programs are continuing with a full schedule of camp opportunities for local youth.

Currently, baseball, football, softball, lacrosse and girls' basketball camps are continuing. (See calendar in this section) Next week, these sports camps continue along with cross country.

In the coming weeks, girls' basketball, girls' volleyball and girls' lacrosse will be added to the schedule, presenting a variety of summer athletic options to youngsters from third through the twelfth grade.