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Breakers lap Trenton, improve to 3-0

Breakers swimmer Sophia Rapini races to a win in the 100-meter IM against Trenton.
Breakers swimmer Sophia Rapini races to a win in the 100-meter IM against Trenton. For the Progress

After a series of cancellations due to weather, the O’Fallon Breakers were finally able to get back in the pool on the road against Trenton on July 5, winning in convincing fashion 404-118. With the win, they improved to 3-0 on the season.

“We really needed to get in the water and compete,” said head coach Kim Eddy. “The previous week we had meets against St. Clair and Kings Pointe canceled due to lighting, storms. So coming into tonight, we had only been able to get two meets in. I feel we’re a bit behind where we should be in terms of conditioning and meet experience, particularly as it relates to our newer swimmers. But obviously, the other teams in the league have battled the same challenges. Still, it’s frustrating and in that context I thought we swam pretty well against Trenton.”

On this night, “pretty well” translated into victories in 13 of the 14 relays and 44 of the 52 individual events, resulting in the lopsided win. But that doesn’t mean Trenton just rolled over.

“Trenton has some amazing swimmers,” added Eddy. “For example, they have a 14-year-old that’s probably the best in her age group in the St. Louis area. But as a team, they are pretty small in terms of numbers. That’s an advantage for us. Of course, we have some pretty good swimmers, too.”

As an indication, five Breakers captured wins in all three of their individual events, paving the way in team scoring. Mike Meyer won the 100 free, 100 IM, and 100 back in 15-18 boys, while Kylie Clark captured the 100 breast, 100 free, and 100 back in 15-18 girls. Dillon Albertyn finished first in the 25 free, 100 IM, and 25 fly in 9-10 boys. And siblings Michael (50 free, 50 breast, and 50 fly in 11-12 boys) and Matthew Stooke (100 free, 100 back, and 50 fly in 13-14 boys) swept their events as well.

In addition, multiple wins were notched by David Albertyn (25 free/25 back), Ally Brown (25 free/25 fly), Sophia Rapini (50 free/100 IM), Trey Filyaw (25 breast/25 fly), Samantha Stooke (25 breast/25 fly), Sophia Tamblyn (100 IM/50 fly), and Ryan Polson (100 IM/25 back).

Individual event wins were posted by Alexi Albertyn (25 free), Logan Luechtefeld (25 free), Iris Park (25 free), Finley Roskos (50 breast), Shelby Bushong (100 breast), Brady Gotter (100 breast), Max Gibbs (100 breast), Camden Kimmel (100 IM), Ethan Stein (100 IM), Cecilia Kimmel (25 back), Aiden Thornburg (50 back), Carlee Auld (50 fly), and Jake Howey (50 fly).