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Breakers remain undefeated after posting wins against Highland, St. Clair, Westhaven

Breakers swimmer Max Gibbs races to a win in the 100-meter IM against Westhaven Swim Club. Gibbs also won the 100 breast.
Breakers swimmer Max Gibbs races to a win in the 100-meter IM against Westhaven Swim Club. Gibbs also won the 100 breast. For the Progress

In what was expected to be the most challenging week of the season, the O’Fallon Breakers swim team emerged with solid victories over St. Clair, Highland, and Westhaven.

With the wins, the Breakers now move to 6-0 on the season – further extending their unbeaten dual meet streak to 15 over this season and last. Furthermore, two of those wins came over two of the league favorites, St. Clair and Highland.

“Without a doubt, our margin of victory (356-174) in the win over Highland was a bit of a surprise,” said Breakers head coach Kim Eddy. “Last season, we slipped by them at their pool by just 20 points. So hand it to our kids, they came ready to compete and many swam season-best times. Three team records were set as well. So I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

In the win over Highland, those new team records were set by Sophie Gaylord (9-10 girls 100-meter IM), Michael Stooke (11-12 boys 100-meter IM), and Shelby Bushong (13-14 girls 100-meter breast).

As a team, the Breakers captured wins in 34 of 52 individual events and won of 12 of 14 relays.

Three O’Fallon swimmers swept all their events: Jenna Denton (50 free/100 IM/50 breast), Michael Stooke (50 free/100 IM/50 fly), and Mike Meyer (100 free/100 back/50 fly).

Additional wins were posted by Logan Luetchefeld (25 free/25 back), Matthew Stooke (100 free/50 fly), Samantha Stooke (25 breast/25 fly), Shelby Bushong (100 breast/100 IM), Sophia Tamblyn (100 IM/100 back), Iris Park (25 free), Kylie Clark (100 free/100 breast), Trey Filyaw (25 breast), Alex Hattan (50 breast), Brady Gotter (100 breast), Sophie Gaylord (100 IM), Noah Tinge (100 IM/100 back), Max Gibbs (100 IM), Alyssa Albertyn (25 back), Dillon Albertyn (25 back), Aiden Thornburg (50 back), Carlee Auld (100 back), and Sierra Workman (50 fly).

In the battles with St. Clair and Westhaven, the results were equally impressive.

St. Clair meet

Against St. Clair, the O’Fallon squad captured 11 of 14 relays and 36 of 52 individual events – leading to a 347-188 victory.

On this night, five Breakers swimmers swept their events: Logan Luechtefeld (25 free/25 back/25 fly), Dillon Albertyn (25 free/25 breast/100 IM), Michael Stooke (50 free/50 back/50 fly), Matthew Stooke (100 free/100 back/50 fly), and Mike Meyer (100 fre/100 IM/50 fly).

Other wins were notched by Iris Park (25 free/25 back), Kylie Clark (100 free/100 breast), Max Gibbs (100 breast/100 back), Carlee Auld (100 IM/100 back), Alexi Albertyn (25 free), Shelby Bushong (100 free), Sophia Rapini (50 breast), Alex Hattan (50 breast), Brady Gotter (100 breast), Samantha Stooke (100 IM), Jenna Denton (100 IM), Camden Kimmel (100 IM), Sierra Workman (100 IM), Brett Hattan (25 back), Sophia Tamblyn (100 back), and Douglas Gaylord (25 fly).

Westhaven meet

In the 447-91 win against Westhaven, the team won all 14 relays and 43 of 52 individual events.

Wins were earned by Dillon Albertyn (25 free/100IM/25 back), Sophia Rapini (50 free/50 breast/100 IM), Shelby Bushong (100 free/100 breast/50 fly), Matthew Stooke (100 free/100 back/50 fly), Michael Stooke (100 IM/50 back/50 fly), Kylie Clark (100 free/100 IM), Mike Meyer (100 free/100 back), Max Gibbs (100 breast/100 IM), Douglas Gaylord (25 breast/2 fly), Jenna Denton (50 back/50 fly), Alexi Albertyn (25 free), Kylie Lehde (25 free), Camden Kimmel (50 free), Lily McCollum (25 breast), Rebekah Wagnon (25 breast), Alex Hattan (50 breast), Brady Gotter (100 breast), Alexis Schillinger (100 breast), Sophie Gaylord (100 IM), Carlee Auld (100 IM), Noah Tinge (100 IM), Alyssa Albertyn (25 back), Mackenzie Stacker (100 back), Sophia Tamblyn (100 back), Ally Brown (25 fly), Logan Luechtefeld (25 fly), Sierra Workman (50 fly), and Jake Howey (50 fly).

Up next

This week, the team closes out the regular season at Kings Pointe in a tr-meeti with Dorchester and then readies for the Midwest Swim Conference Championships this Saturday at the McKendree Rec-Plex.