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TRICARE announces pharmacy program changes

On Dec. 1, Express Scripts will add Walgreens to the TRICARE retail pharmacy network; however, CVS, including CVS pharmacies in Target stores, will be removed from the TRICARE network.

If you are currently filling a prescription at any CVS pharmacy, please transfer your prescription as soon as possible to avoid paying the full retail price of your medication. Local options include your military treatment facility pharmacies, the TRICARE mail order pharmacy, or retail sites such as: Walmart, Dierbergs, Schnucks, and beginning Dec. 1, Walgreens. Remember, Walgreens will not be able to fill a prescription transfer until Dec. 1. All other network pharmacies and your military treatment facility pharmacies can accept and fill prescriptions transferred from CVS now.


▪ Take your prescription drug bottles to the new pharmacy. The pharmacist there will contact your old pharmacy;

▪ Call your new pharmacy and ask them to transfer your prescription drug information from your old pharmacy;

▪ Ask your doctor to send your new prescriptions to your new pharmacy; and

▪ Check to see if your prescription drugs, including any specialty drugs, are eligible for TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery by calling (855) 778-1417.


▪ If you fill prescription drugs to treat long-term, chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, a military pharmacy or TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery are your lowest cost options.


▪ Call your military pharmacy and ask whether your drug is available before you transfer the prescription drug from a retail network pharmacy. The Scott Air Force Base Pharmacy can be reached at 618-256-7345. You can also see the full local formulary at the Air Force Medicine website.


▪ Next to your military pharmacy, Home Delivery is the best option for filling maintenance drugs and you may save money over retail pharmacies.


▪ Skip the trip to the military treatment facility pharmacies and have your formulary generic drugs shipped to your home for free;

▪ Receive up to a 90-day supply of your maintenance drugs, delivered safely in a weather-resistant pouch;

▪ Never worry about running out of your drugs when you sign up for automatic refills and refill reminders;

▪ When you fill a specialty drug in home delivery, you are automatically enrolled in the Specialty Medication Care Management Program at no cost to you. The program gives you additional care and support to help you manage your chronic condition; and

▪ To learn more about home delivery, visit the TRICARE website or call TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery at (855) 778-1417.

For additional information on the TRICARE Pharmacy Program please call (800) 238-6095.