Centreville village clerk charged with resisting arrest, battery of officer


Centreville Village Clerk Demario Helm has been charged with aggravated battery to a police officer and resisting police.

St. Clair County prosecutors on Tuesday charged Helm. According to the warrant, Helm allegedly committed battery to a Centreville Police officer by knowingly making physical contact of a provoking nature with Officer Karl King. The warrant says Helm knew King was a "peace officer engaged in the performance of his authorized duties.”

The battery charge is a class 2 felony and accusing Helm of punching King in the face.

Helm also is charged with resisting arrest by King. That charge is a misdemeanor. Helm is also charged with resisting arrest by a second Centreville officer, Lt. Jerry Davis, who was also trying to arrest Helm.

Centreville Police turned the case over to Illinois State Police to investigate.

Helm could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Mayor Maurius Jackson and Centreville Police Chief Steven Brown also could not be reached.

It was unclear Tuesday whether Helm was still on the job. Officials at the City Hall building said he was not in his office.