Southern Illinois man attempts to grab officer’s gun, flee police in squad car

Bryce McCray
Bryce McCray

A Centralia man allegedly chose a novel approach to resisting arrest: he tried to drive off in the squad car.

Police attempted to remove Bryce McCray, 26, of Centralia, from his father’s home after being called to the scene of a disturbance. McCray came out of the house, according to WJBD radio, and attempted to grab the handle of an officer’s firearm in its holster.

McCray then got into the front seat of a squad car, locked the doors and attempted to drive off. However, the officer was able to turn off the ignition from a remote key, according to WJBD.

McCray allegedly continued to resist arrest, holding up fists in a “fighting stance” and was pepper-sprayed and shocked with a Taser with five or six officers restraining him.

McCray is now in custody on charges of criminal trespass to a vehicle, motor vehicle theft, disarming a police officer, and two counts each of aggravated assault, intimidation and resisting arrest.

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