This guy cursed at a judge — again. He’s going to serve 260 days for his outbursts.

Larry Evens was supposed to be in court Monday for an extradition hearing to Missouri. Instead, he got his stay in Illinois extended to a total of 260 days because of a contempt-of-court ruling. It’s the second contempt-of-court judgment he’s received; he will be in Marion County Jail until May.

According to WJBD Radio, Evens cursed and yelled at a judge on Friday and received a 90 day contempt of court citation. On Monday, he was brought to court and again acted out. He was sentenced to additional time in jail, with the 260 days to run consecutively.

Evens, also known as Mfalme El Bey, was picked up by police on charges from 2014 in which he allegedly squatted at a home without permission. That case has been set for jury trial for Sept. 17; Evans is representing himself.

He was in court on Friday and Monday to be advised about extradition to Missouri. The judge was unable to provide that information to Evens, so a warrant by the governor will be required for his return to Missouri.

He had been released from a Missouri jail in February 2017 after posting $2,000 bond on forgery charges; a warrant for his arrest as a fugitive was then issued in January.

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