Police investigating shooting in Washington Park

Police are investigating a shooting that occurred Friday afternoon in Washington Park.

Neither of the people involved were publicly identified by police as of Monday evening, and no charges had been issued pending a police investigation.

Washington Park Police Chief Allen Bonds said the shooting took place at 2:40 p.m. Friday and involved a store owner and a man with whom he’d gotten into an altercation.

Bonds said the man was in Shop Wise Market, located at 4712 Caseyville Ave, when he and the owner got into an altercation. He was asked to leave by the owner. “They had some words, and the man left the business,” Bonds said.

“The store owner said the man came back a second time and was asked to leave again by the owner. He left and parked his truck across the street from the store. When the owner left, he said the man pulled out and got behind him. When the store owner noticed the man was behind him, he pulled over to let him go around him,” Bonds said.

The store owner got behind the man, and as they were driving, a car in the westbound lane slowed near the unnamed driver, who was in front of the store owner.

“According to the store owner, the driver slammed on his breaks like he was trying to lock him in,” Bonds said.

“So, he said he pulled around the man and saw he had a gun, so he shot at him,” Bonds said. “The bullet from the store owner’s gun struck the driver’s door and wounded the man in his left leg.”

The unnamed store owner continued where he was going. Along the way, he called the police to give his version of what happened.

He was told by police that he had to return to the scene. “He did,” Bonds confirmed.

Asked whether the man was in custody, he said no because police are still conducting an investigation. He said there was no weapon found in the unidentified man’s car.

Bonds spotted the shooting victim on 47th Street near Caseyville Avenue. The victim told Bonds he had been shot and was trying to get to a phone to get some help.

“He didn’t have a cellphone and was driving to find someone with a phone to get some help,” Bonds said.

Bonds said the man went to an area hospital, where he was treated for the bullet wound and released.