Swansea mom denies affidavit claim that she let drug dealer live with family for meth

Alison Yates and Lindsey Lowery
Alison Yates and Lindsey Lowery

Police say a Swansea mother allowed a drug dealer to live in her home with her children and husband in exchange for meth, according to a recently filed affidavit.

A woman who said she is Alison Yates called the News-Democrat after an earlier story was posted online. She said the police lied — that she never used meth and did not know that the woman she offered a room to was selling drugs.

“I don’t even have a damn speeding ticket on my record ... I don’t get in trouble,” she said, adding that she is a stay-at-home mom and actively involved in her sons’ lives.

Yates was arrested on Aug. 17 and charged with using a home to sell drugs. She was released from jail on bond and has a court appearance scheduled for Oct. 4. Her co-defendant, Lindsey Lowery, was charged on the same day with three counts of dealing meth. She remains in St. Clair County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Yates asked that the BND remove references to her from the story.

“It’s making it way worse. This is absolutely horrifying to me. This is not who I am,” she said.

Police filed an affidavit in a request to search the Yates home at 1820 Kinsella Ave. in Swansea. Officers with the Drug Tactical Unit from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department wrote they had information from a confidential source that meth was being sold from the home’s garage. The source worked with police in exchange for possible reduced charges, the affidavit stated.

Yates’ two children were at the home during the search, the affidavit stated. The children were taken by the children’s grandmother and the Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation.

Yates said she has not been told of any DCFS investigation.

According to the affidavit filed in St. Clair County Court, Yates told investigators that her husband did not know she used meth, and that he does not use it.

“I let a young lady come to her home with her 10-year-old and told me she didn’t have power and water,” Yates said after the initial story was posted. “I’m a save-the-world person.”

“This is her deal, not mine,” she said of Lowery.

She did not check into Lowery’s past, Yates said, “because I’m stupid and I didn’t check.”

Yates said she first met Lowery years ago and recently saw her again with Lowery’s son at a friend’s house. Yates said she invited the two to go swimming, and she packed a picnic.

She said Lowery’s stay began three days after that swim and picnic, and it was supposed to be for only a few days. Yates was trying to find a generator for Lowery, or an agency that would help pay bills, she said.

Yates said she had even lined up a job for Lowery, but could not remember where the job was.

“Here I thought, ‘I’m doing great, I’m helping this girl.’ I helped many friends stay here and get back on their feet. I can’t help it; that’s what I do. My husband hates it,” she said.

Had she known, Yates said, she would have kept the woman’s child and Lowery could have gone elsewhere.

Officers wrote that Yates told investigators during an interview that she had been using meth for a few years, and she drank it from a shot glass. Officers said they found a bag of unknown pills in Yates’ bedroom dresser, along with a straw with meth residue. They also reported in the affidavit that they found meth and pipes in the garage.

Yates denies having drug residue on a straw.

During the phone call after the initial story, Yates said she had never used methamphetamine and denied knowing that Lowery sold meth.

Lowery told police in an interview that she did not pay rent but gave Yates meth. She said she kept a large amount of meth in her purse in the garage, where officers say they found about 22 grams of the drug.

“Lowery stated selling methamphetamine is hard work,” officers wrote in the affidavit.

Yates added in the phone call that police said she had allowed a man to stay at her home, and that the man sold methamphetamine from her home.

She said she had met the man once, in her garage, “for like five minutes,” and he did not live at her home.

“They also told me some guy was living in my house, and I didn’t know who was sleeping here, and I was a piece of (expletive) mom,” she said.

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