Report of woman trying to abduct child at Wood River Walmart is unfounded, police say

Police said a report that a woman may have tried to abduct a child at a Wood River parking lot is unfounded.

On Monday, a man told police he was walking into Walmart when a woman approached him and said she was locked out of her car, but one of the windows was open.

Police said she asked the man if one of the children with him could climb into the car through the window and unlock the door.

The man was skeptical of the woman because of the possibility that she was trying to abduct a child, according to a news release. He told police the woman was about 50 years old and drove an older, tan Chevrolet Suburban.

Wood River Police issued a press released Wednsday afternoon saying the report was unfounded.

According to the release, Wood River police determined an elderly female was actually locked out of her vehicle and was seeking help unlocking her vehicle.

According to police, the woman asked several people for assistance. A small window on the vehicle could be popped open and is small enough a small person could climb in to unlock the rest of the doors.

Eventually a small adult woman was able to climb in the vehicle and help the elderly female who was locked out of her vehicle, police said.

Wood River and Bethalto police were not immediately available for comment Wednesday morning.

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