Tenth person sentenced in large-scale Southern Illinois meth ring

A Sparta woman has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for her role in a meth distribution ring that spanned multiple counties in Southern Illinois.

Starlet J. Howie, 49, was sentenced on Tuesday as part of an indictment that involved nine other people, the state’s attorney’s office said in a news release. Howie, who also went by the names “Star Oettle” and “Star Miller” had previously pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute more than 50 grams of meth.

According to the release, the drug ring existed from 2015 until April 2017 in Perry, Randolph, Monroe and St. Clair Counties. At the plea and sentencing hearings, Howie said that she and her co-conspirators distributed ice, a methamphetamine with a purity level of at least 80 percent. Howie was responsible for distributing around 22.7 kilograms of ice.

The released said Howie received an enhanced sentence for obstructing justice during the investigation. She was the last of the ten defendants to be sentenced.

Those other defendants were:

  • Jeremy J. Humphries, sentenced to at least 19 years

  • Garrick E.R. Recker, sentenced to at least 15 years

  • Derek L. Sumpter, sentenced to at least 15 years

  • Rodney V. Howie, sentenced to at least 14 years

  • Jeremy S. Copple, sentenced to 14 years

  • Paige M. Gleghorn, sentenced to at least 11 years

  • Jordan P. Leggans, sentenced to at least 11 years

  • Daniel M. Dortch, sentenced to 10 years

  • Mandy L. Hagen, sentenced to 7 years

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