Woman shot in her car while driving in East St. Louis

Someone shot a woman while she was driving, wounding her in the leg, shortly after she left an East St. Louis night club early Wednesday morning.

Police say while she was inside Da Beano night club, she had gotten into an argument with another woman. Officers are still looking for a suspect in the shooting.

East St. Louis Detective Ronald McClellan confirmed that two women had a verbal altercation at the night club Tuesday night, including the woman who was shot. She left the club at 2 a.m. and shortly thereafter, McClellan said he and other officers in the area heard a single gunshot.

The woman returned to Da Beano to tell police she had been shot. An ambulance was already there, as workers were treating someone else who was injured.

McClellan said there were four or five fights that broke out at the same time. He said police don’t know, at this time, what led to them. Everything is being investigated, he said.

The shooting occurred between 69th and 70th streets. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment. Her condition was not immediately available Wednesday.

McClellan said police don’t know who the shooter is, but he said it was a woman. He said police were conducting an investigation.

The other woman who was being treated by ambulance personnel had been tased by a police officer. McClellan said she had been fighting and was removed from the club by its security personnel.

“She started fighting with security outside. Police officers stepped in and tried to get her to leave,” McClellan said. The woman refused and was shot with a Taser gun, according to McClellan.

She was arrested and remained in custody Wednesday.

Carolyn P. Smith has worked for the Belleville News-Democrat for 18 years and currently covers breaking news in the Metro-East. She graduated from the Journalism School at the University of Missouri at Columbia and says news is in her DNA.
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