He didn’t want to pay taxes on a cigar. Now he’s charged with a gun crime.

A 52-year-old East St. Louis man has been charged after police say he went to a local store and threatened the clerk with a gun after he was told he had to pay taxes on a cigar.

Derrick T. Orr was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert Haida set bail for Orr at $40,000.

East St. Louis Detective Ronald McClellan said Orr, from the 2700 block of Gaty Avenue, was arrested Wednesday on a traffic stop.

The incident for which Orr is charged happened Monday afternoon when he went to the Citgo gas station at 25th and Louisiana and threw his dollar on the counter and asked for a Cigarillo. The clerk told him it would be $1.10 The suspect asked hm why the cigar was so high. The clerk told him there was tax on the purchase, McClellan said.

Orr got angry, cursed at the clerk and referred to him with an ethnic slur. The store clerk is Arab. Orr told the clerk he was charging too much tax and and then, using more expletives, said he would not pay the tax amount requested, McClellan said.

“He pulled out a gun and pointed it at the clerk two times. Then he went outside and fired his weapon two times (into the air). Then he left the area, McClellan said.