Homeowner arrested in connection with teen’s ‘Russian Roulette’ death

The owner of the Centralia home where 13-year-old Jaden Krauss was killed playing “Russian Roulette” has been arrested on felony charges she obstructed justice.

Nicole Marie Kirgan, 36, was charged on three counts of obstruction and a three counts of destroying evidence, according to Centralia police. Two of those counts are related to a separate June 2018 incident in which she allegedly destroyed evidence connected to the burglary of a Centralia beauty salon, according to KMOV.

Three other teenagers have already been charged in connection with the shooting.

After hearing 3 1/2 hours of testimony, Fourth Judicial Circuit Associate Judge Ericka Sanders sentenced a 15-year-old boy to up to five years in a juvenile detention center for his part in Krauss’ death.

According to the testimony, Krauss and other boys were playing a “Russian Roulette”-type game where the teenager pointed a gun with one live bullet at his own head, and then at the others in the room until the gun discharged and killed Krauss. The weapon was not found during the investigation.

According to Assistant State’s Attorney Melissa Doran, after Krauss was shot, his body was carried down a flight of stairs and placed on the front porch. She also stated that bloody towels and rags were found in the home and that there was additional evidence that the gun was removed from the property and hidden.

On Tuesday, a 13- and a 15-year-old were charged separately with obstructing justice. Police said the two helped destroy evidence. Police confirmed the two teens were Kirgan’s sons, according to X95 FM radio in Centralia. The teens were spending the night at Kirgan’s home in early May when the shooting occurred.