Alorton mom left car running with sleeping teens inside. Someone took it, police say.

A 30-year-old Alorton mom experienced a huge shock when she left her car running with her two sons in the back seat and came back to find them and the vehicle missing.

Alorton police said the woman left her teenage kids asleep in the car while she ran back into her apartment to get a baby bottle, and someone hopped into the car and sped off.

Captain Rory Stewart said police were notified of the incident at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Stewart did not identify the mother.

Police learned a short time later that the people who took the car dropped the boys off in Washington Park.

“They didn’t know where they were. They were walking in Washington Park when a family member spotted them and alerted their grandfather that they were being brought back to Alorton,” Stewart said.

The woman’s car was recovered Sunday in St. Louis. No suspects have been arrested. Alorton police is investigating the case.

Anyone with information regarding this case should call Alorton police at 618-874-7084.

Carolyn P. Smith has worked for the Belleville News-Democrat for 18 years and currently covers breaking news in the Metro-East. She graduated from the Journalism School at the University of Missouri at Columbia and says news is in her DNA.
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