As they bailed out, their car kept rolling into a Washington Park police cruiser

Two people were arrested Friday morning in Washington Park after the occupants jumped out of a suspicious vehicle that was being pursuit by police and the car, while still in gear, rammed into a police cruiser.

The suspects were captured after briefly fleeing on foot.

Washington Park Police Chief Allen Bonds said police attempted to stop two suspicious vehicles. One of the drivers rammed into a Washington Park police car as the suspects bailed from the car and ran off on foot.

Bonds said police received a report of two suspicious vehicles in the 5600 block of Audobon Avenue shortly after midnight.

He said when police arrived in the area, they saw two vehicles — a silver Jeep and a black vehicle vehicle of unknown make.

“They turned on their flashing lights, the Jeep stopped and the black car drove off. The officers went after the black car. The driver pulled over like he was going to stop. A rear passenger door opened. There were four people inside. The vehicle took off and ended up at the 4600 block of Audobon. They bailed out of the car. One of my officers pulled around in front of the car when they bailed out. The vehicle, which they left in gear, continued to roll as the officer (driver) was getting out of his car It rolled into his squad car. He was not injured,” Bonds said.

A second responding officer, who was following the initial responding officer, got out and turned the suspect vehicle off, Bonds said.

Bonds said two of the people were still in the car. Neither claimed to be the driver. One of those arrested said it was his girlfriend’s car.

The suspects have not been identified, pending charges.

Police did not say why the vehicles were considered suspicious when police attempted to stop them.

Carolyn P. Smith has worked for the Belleville News-Democrat for 18 years and currently covers breaking news in the Metro-East. She graduated from the Journalism School at the University of Missouri at Columbia and says news is in her DNA.
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